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Campus Style: Finals Fashion

By Lexy Yulich

The most dreaded time for students is quickly approaching– final’s week.

Although final exams often cause students a lot of stress, there is no need to fret. I’ve put together several simple outfit ideas for final’s week that are each comfy and cozy. I have rolled out of bed 15 minutes before plenty of my finals and gone in my pajamas, but I firmly believe that if you look well put-together, you will perform better. Read these easy-to-follow tips on how to create the comfiest look that will be sure to earn you that A.

  1. If you are studying in the library all day or have an 8 a.m. final, wear your favorite oversized sweatshirt and athleisure leggings with comfortable sneakers. Make sure to wear a T-shirt or tank top underneath your sweatshirt in case the room you are in has the heat on at full blast.
  2. If you have a midmorning final, consider wearing leggings or jeggings and a cozy sweater and boots. Even though the outfit requires minimal effort, you will still look put-together and feel cozy. For an even more comfortable look, try to minimize any outfit distractions. For example, I have one sweater that always falls off my shoulder throughout the day. If I want to focus, I make sure that nothing on my body is going to distract me.
  3.  If you have an afternoon or evening final, wear jeans, a turtleneck and booties. Again, make sure whatever you’re wearing is comfortable. If you have the time to get changed before your final, wearing something that you feel confident in is key. Add your favorite pair of earrings or a small bracelet and you’re ready to ace that final.
  4. When preparing for the week, make sure to lay your outfit along with your backpack the evening before. It will eliminate some stress in the morning.


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