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Busy schedules foster productive lifestyles Students should maintain healthy mindsets

By Emma Karnitsky 
Signal Contributor

Balance –– when everything in your life is evenly distributed in a way that creates equilibrium, so that no one aspect of your life suppresses your other responsibilities. It is commonly agreed upon that balance is an important aspect of daily life, but it is much harder to actually achieve this. Many people have aspirations of obtaining an organized schedule, getting enough sleep, maintaining a good diet, staying fit and having time for school and friends. While having these desires are admirable, it is inevitable that the time and attention it takes to accomplish the “perfect” schedule is overwhelming.

I have been a student athlete since my freshman year of high school. I have a lot of experience when it comes to balancing my various responsibilities.

Staying on top of both my athletics and academics can be stressful at times. The key is to maintain a healthy mindset and take care of your well-being.

Being a student and an athlete in college may seem like just another huge time commitment to add to the list of day-to-day tasks, but it is surprising how much it actually adds much needed structure to one’s life.

I know that I have just started the rigorous schedule of a collegiate student athlete, but I already feel it positively affecting my life in many ways. For one, knowing I have practice in the afternoon for three hours each day compelled me to schedule all of my classes early in the morning. This enables me to have the whole night open for homework and studying. Additionally, the 8 a.m. classes force me to go to bed at a reasonable hour so I won’t sleep through class.

In season, athletes have to pay more attention to what they’re eating and when they’re eating so they have the proper nutrients to heal their bodies and enough energy to perform at their best level. Drinking water is also a necessity throughout the day for hydration, healing muscles and for overall health. Knowing I am sore from practice reminds me to always drink more water.

Having such a structured and set schedule can feel boring or overwhelming, but I think a healthy routine is key to a successful life. Student athletes specifically are forced to manage their time wisely –– otherwise there simply isn’t enough time for everything to get done.

Students share opinions around campus

“Does being a student athlete help you stay organized?”

Casey Lewis, a freshman open options science major.

“Yes. It helps you stay organized because it forces you to manage your time better.”

Connor Stine, a freshman engineering major.

“Yes, because you have something definitive to plan your schedule around.”


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