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SG resolution supports sexual assault survivors

By Alexandra Shapiro

The general body swore in the new vice presidents of governmental affairs, senior finance and political science double major Justin Brach and sophomore marketing major Sam Koch. Junior biology major Uyen Vu was sworn is as a senator of science.

Next, SG introduced a new bill titled, “Open Session Impeachments.”

The goal of the bill is “to ensure that all impeachment proceedings of all voting and associate members of student government occur in open session to promote and exemplify transparency.”

There will be more details and a vote taken on this bill next week.

SG introduced a student organization called “Late Night Take.” The governmental affairs committee heard a testimony from the members of “Late Night Take” on why the group should be recognized as an official student organization at the College.

“Late Night Take” plans on hosting events for this semester, which include viewings of TV shows for Black History Month, issues regarding sexual assault, student health and culture and holiday events.

More long-term-goals include expanding membership and cosponsoring with the Black Student Union and other organizations for Black History Month.

After a general body vote, “Late Night Take” passed approval and is taking its final steps for recognition as an official organization at the College.

Next, SG debated on resolution R-S2019-01. This resolution supports survivors of sexual violence and the current procedures for Title IX.

It reads, “The SG of TCNJ insists upon the independence in the investigation and adjudication process conducted by our office of Title IX and believes this independence is imperative to the pursuit of justice.”

This resolution, which raises awareness for sexual assault survivors, was passed.

Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Eashwayne Haughton, a senior philosophy major, announced a new project, Spring Diversity and Inclusion Week, which is currently under construction.

SG class council representatives reported on what was in store for each class. The class of 2019 has been focusing on senior send-off, which will be the main priority of the council this semester. The class is also anticipating one more senior night.

The class of 2020 will be holding a Krispy Kreme fundraiser on Feb. 18 and Feb. 19.

The class of 2021 is planning a formal and an apparel sale. The class finished its candy gram sale and is looking forward to electing a new treasurer.

The class of 2022 is still selling apparel for one more week and accepts cash and venmo for payment.


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