Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editors,

I am a journalism graduate of TCNJ and a former columnist for The Signal.

Recently, the headline “Community grieves loss of College senior,” with a photo of a vibrant, happy-looking girl caught my attention on my Facebook feed. I clicked on the article to learn more about who the student was.

I did the same for (the) article on the loss of Charles “Charlie” Shulz.

Unfortunately, the articles told me very little about Jenna DiBenedetto, or Shulz; instead, they read like a rundown of steps the administration has taken to respond appropriately to their deaths.

While I would not expect anything less from the College, I question the use of the student newspaper as a place to publicize these measures, rather than as a platform to celebrate and remember the students’ lives.

Why not use the space for a story about what made Charlie and Jenna special? About the people who loved them and all the reasons why?

By no means am I saying that information on counseling and support services should not be included, but in an article about the end of a life, do what you can to honor it.

Kristen Kubilus (’11)


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