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Senior recital marks pinnacle of student achievement

By Ariel Steinsaltz
Staff Writer 

Miguel Gonzalez / Photo Editor

Music filled the air as two music majors took the stage to showcase their skills and love for their craft.

On Sunday, March 3 at 4 p.m. in Mayo Concert Hall, two students in the music department presented their senior recitals, which is a requirement for all music majors. Marisa Blackman, a senior music performance major and flute player, and Madeline Kaba, a senior music education major and trumpet player, took the stage.

The event opened with Kaba playing the trumpet, accompanied by Kathy Shanklin, a collaborative pianist at the College. The powerful notes of the trumpet filled the room and delighted the audience as Kaba played the “Sonata for Trumpet and Piano” by Halsey Stevens.

Next was Blackman, also accompanied by Shanklin, playing the “Hamburger Sonata” by Bach. Blackman produced a pleasant melody with her flute.

Kaba then performed the “Concertino for Flugelhorn” by William Himes on the flugelhorn and Blackman performed “Concerto for Piccolo and Orchestra” by Lowell Liebermann on the piccolo.

After intermission, Kaba played “Légende” by Georges Enesco and Blackman played “Canzone for Flute and Piano” by Samuel Barber. Kaba then performed “Quintet” by Michael Kamen. Blackman finished the event by playing “Ballad for Flute and Piano” by Frank Martin.

“Really the preparation started as soon as I got here freshman year,” Kaba said of the culmination of her work as a music student. “Everything builds to the end.”

Kaba explained that she had to do a lot of practicing to make sure that her performance was the best that it could be.

For Blackman, preparation for the event started during winter break and carried into the semester. She worked with Shanklin to find songs that were the best possible fit.

As far as picking the songs for the event went, the inspiration came from a variety of places. Kaba explained that some of the songs were ones she had played before or heard other people play, but some came from internet browsing.

Blackman started playing piano in the second grade and started playing the flute in fifth grade. In high school, she picked up the piccolo but changed mediums later on.

“I’m kind of a special case because I switched instruments my freshman year,” Kaba said. “It’s a gut feeling you have, the connection to the instrument.”

Christopher McEwan, a senior music education major, came to the event because he is good friends with both of the performers.

“I thought it was absolutely fantastic,” he said. “They both did a phenomenal job.”

Gina Luizzi, a sophomore music education major, was also present at the event in support of her fellow classmates.

“Marisa and I are both in the flute studio, so I wanted to support her, and also I was just really looking forward to hearing some great music,” Luizzi said. “I thought it was really beautiful. I’ve never really heard solo trumpet before. I really loved hearing Marisa play and showing off her amazing talent for an audience because she’s such a great player.”


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