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Concert starts out week on high note

By Amani Salahudeen
Staff Writer

Miguel Gonzalez / Photo Editor

The melodic sounds of flutes and pianos filled the room as students and faculty filed into Mayo Concert Hall on March 12 at 12:30 p.m. for the Tuesday Afternoon Recital.

The first performer was Gina Luizzi, a freshman music education major.  She was accompanied by Kathy Shankin, the department’s collaborative pianist, who played with each of the performers.

“I felt like I did really great overall,” Luizzi said. “Although there were some minor mistakes because of nerves, I’m very proud that I was able to play such a beautiful piece to my best interpretation. It was the first time I ever performed solo.”

Luizzi played Beethoven’s Op. 79 on the flute. The combination of the flute and the piano made for an entrancing performance.

“My favorite thing is the sense of confidence I feel after it is over, knowing I put myself way out of my comfort zone,” she said.

Carlos Orta, a freshman music education major, performed second with his rendition of “Romance in E Flat” by Leroy Ostransky. The performance was powerful and kept the audience entertained as each note of music hit the air.

“I thought my performance was good, despite some note cracks.” Orta said. “My favorite part about performing is getting to share my music.”

Amanda Spratt, a sophomore music education major, performed “Concerto in E flat for Oboe and Piano” by Vincenzo Bellini. Spratt’s oboe skills, combined with the sounds of the piano, made for a mesmerizing performance. She credited her dad for her love for music.

“I’ve been playing the oboe since the seventh grade, so it’s been about six years,” Spratt said. “One-hundred percent my dad inspires me to play. He inspired me to become a music education major. My dad is a saxophone player, and was my elementary and middle school band director. He has always been a huge inspiration to me and continues to be today.”

The final performer of  the afternoon was Nicholas Napier, a sophomore music education major, who played “Fantasia for Alto Saxophone” by Claude T. Smith. Napier was candid about how his performance could be improved for future recitals.

“I think the performance went okay for me,” he said. “I’ve ran it several times over in the practice room and for my peers, and although I’m satisfied, I know I could’ve done better. I’m very humbled and grateful for the positive feedback I’ve received from so many friends and colleagues.”

Napier is grateful to be a part of the College’s music department due to all the opportunity and inspiration he has been granted.

“I’m inspired by all of my musically-inclined friends and more importantly, my private instructor Kathleen Mitchell to work hard and improve at everything I do,” he said.

Several students came out to support the performers and enjoy an afternoon of music.

“(The show) was really good,” said Lorena Frieda, a senior music education major. “This is the first time we get to see the performances and I came here to support a lot of my friends who were performing.”


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