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Campus Style: Spring Trends

By Danielle Silvia

Spring is still in the air for another few months, so we may as well continue to get in the spirit. By the time early May rolls around, I often feel like I am out of ideas for spring fashion trends. However, there are many quick finishing touches you can add to an outfit to give it a new spin. If you are searching for a way to revamp your wardrobe or enhance your spring fashion, try out these easy tips.

  1. Ruffle top. Ruffles tops are perfect for spring weather. Go for ruffles that are relaxed and have a nice flow around the edges. These tops can be dressed up with a skater skirt or dressed down with distressed jeans. Coordinate your outfit with a pair of sandals to kick your spring energy into gear.
  2. Printed sneakers. Printed sneakers are essential for any spring wardrobe. They come in many designs and patterns to match your preferences — some common options include flowers, polka dots or zig-zags. Suede slip-ons are great if you’re looking for a comfortable pair of sneakers and the suede material is also perfect for all types of spring weather. Find a pair of cute socks to wear with these shoes for added detail.
  3. Slide sandals. Slide sandals are a must for late spring and early summer weather. These comfortable shoes are perfect for outdoor and indoor occasions. Slide sandals come in all different heel heights, so you can choose which pair you are most comfortable in. Dress up an outfit by wearing slide sandals with fabric straps. Not only is this look super trendy, but fabric straps are also fresh and seasonal.


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