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‘Jane the Virgin’ breaks hearts in final season

By Minji Kim

After the quite confusing and disappointing series finale of Game of Thrones, I now watch TV with lower expectations. Placing a lot of pressure on the directors to create an ending that satisfies everyone with isn’t fair, but I can honestly say that the “Jane the Virgin” series ended in a way that made me happy and sad.

I was happy because it went above my expectations, but sad because it meant that the show was completely over. So, in my somewhat biased opinion, I really did enjoy the ending of “Jane the Virgin.”

Anyone who’s seen the show knows that Jane and Rafael’s love was a long time coming. The most important part of the finale wrapped up their love story in a way that nearly brought me to tears.

But in a very Jane fashion, new happiness turns to absolute chaos with the biggest surprise appearance I ever could have imagined. And Jane’s life gets turned upside down. Again.

After a drunken night out, a trip to Montana involving a bull and the revelation of the century, Jane makes the right decision for herself. I loved every second of this part of the story, and while I had doubts about Jane’s choices of partners in the past, I came to understand her love and appreciate it. It was such a sweet moment and it couldn’t have been done better.

The show did such a good job of tying up loose ends. It was such a crazy mess of things, but somehow, in the telenovela-like world, it made perfect sense. My favorite thing about “Jane the Virgin” was exactly that — how crazy things were just the norm.

After watching a different telenovela, “Jane the Virgin” seems tame, but also like a magical love story. It pulled all the aspects of a good telenovela, and made it perfectly targeted to American viewers as well. It was bilingual, too, which made it even more special due to its effort to be multicultural.

The twists and turns of this show make it so interesting and without a dull moment. The scenes surrounding the show’s crimes were so interesting and suspenseful, while the familial love of the three Villanueva women is touching and heartwarming.

Each moment contributed to the story and helped move it along, as I shed more tears than I can count and laughed even more as the show went on. I’ve always appreciated the love on the show, and the finale was the cherry on top. 


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