October 27, 2020

Campus Style: Business Attire

By Diana Solano
Distribution Manager

A patterned blouse is a professional, but stylish statement (Instagram). 

There comes a time in every person’s college career when they realize the importance of having business formal or business casual clothes in their wardrobe. Whether it’s for the upcoming Career Fair, rushing a business fraternity or going to an interview, these items are always needed in your closet. 

When you’re meeting a possible employer, first impressions are important, which means you don’t want to be wearing jeans, baggy clothes or a wrinkled shirt.

Business attire should fit your body perfectly — not too tight and not too loose. Looking professional and put together can be overwhelming, but with these tips, you will be prepared when going to a business casual/formal event. Here is a list of items that you could easily find for outfits that are business formal and business casual.

1. Skirts or Pants

It’s 2019 — women are no longer confined to wearing only skirts to appear at business formal or business casual events. Wearing a properly tailored pantsuit can really make you stand out at interviews because it will make employers remember you. Pencil skirts and A-Line skirts are both appropriate to wear for an interview. For skirts and pants, you don’t just have to stick to solid colors — patterns such as plaid or gingham are stylish, but professional.

2. Tops 

A button-up shirt is essential to pair with a skirt or pants. Besides button-up shirts, you can also wear a flowy, long sleeve top or a shirt with cap sleeves. White, tan or black long sleeve turtlenecks can be paired together with pants and a nice blazer for a sleek, professional look.

3. Shoes

Heels might be the first shoes that come to mind when you think of what to finish your outfit off with. They are a good option to wear as long as they don’t make your feet hurt. Keep in mind that you will be walking around and having to stand to talk to people. A trend that has come to footwear is solid black loafers, with the most popular types being velvet or faux leather. 

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