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Campus Style: Accessories Guide

By Diana Solano
Distribution Manager

Have you ever felt like your outfit could be taken up a few notches by adding something onto it to tie all the pieces of your outfit together? The answer is to accessorize. Accessories can range from belts to jewelry with everything in between like shoes and purses. For example, take a regular outfit that consists of blue jeans and a knit sweater. Tuck in the sweater, put on a black belt with a gold buckle and add a matching black purse or statement earrings, and your outfit just got taken up a few notches.

1. Animal Print

The animal print trend started last winter and has only grown since. It began with snake print skirts, but has now taken over dresses, jackets, shoes and scrunchies. The leopard print has continued the trend, but what sticks out is how this trend has gone with accessories. An animal print belt can add color to a regular all-black outfit. An accent of animal print on a small black purse or shoes can put your outfit into a whole new dimension. The print may be simple, but it stands out very well.

2. Belts

Belts aren’t just there to hold up your pants; they can also define your waist and bring your outfit to the next level. Belts can match your shoes, coat and even your purse, and are available in solid colors like tan or black. Besides a solid color, you can follow the animal print trend and get a belt with a zebra or leopard print on it. Aside from those options, one trend on the rise is the chain belt, which can add an edge to your fall look.

3. Jewelry

Rings, bracelets and necklaces can add so much to your look. Whether you are going for an edgy or chic look, accessorizing with jewelry is a good place to start. Jewelry of any kind adds an expensive element to your look. A collection of jewelry doesn’t just start overnight. You have to collect it over time. The best part about jewelry is that no one else is going to have the same combination of items like you. You’ll have a distinct set of bracelets, rings or earrings that no one else has acquired. 


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