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Campus Style: Halloween Costume Guide

By Diana Solano
Distribution Manager

Halloween is the first stop along the holiday train moving towards Thanksgiving and Christmas. This month is meant to lift your spirits and is full of “witchful” thinking. No matter what age you are, there’s no denying that anyone can dress up as whatever and whoever they want on this special night. This one night of fashion freedom leaves an endless amount of costumes to pick from. In the past, you may have pulled out a black hat for your classic witch costume, but this year it’s time to switch things up. Instead of a basic witch, become a Halloween queen with these trendy costumes. 

1. Aliens

Everyone’s interpretation of an alien is different, but one thing is for sure this costume will be popular this Halloween. Some people see an alien as a small gray figure with a big head. For this interpretation, metallic clothing is a must! This type of material has become very popular in the months leading up to Halloween. You can find it in any accessory or clothing. Dress up in some metallic clothing, put your hair in space buns and throw on some glitter in your hair or the side of your cheeks. Being an alien this halloween insures that you’ll have a costume that’s out of this world. 

2. Animals 

There are a lot of new animal costumes for this Halloween due to the ever so popular animal print trend that has come about. Being a black cat is a thing of the past — this Halloween, you’ll see a lot of people dressed up as leopards, zebras and snakes. There are a lot of varieties and combinations for these costumes. Put on some leopard print pants and a black top, and pair it with some printed cat ears.

3. Classic Hollywood 

Whether you’re a blonde or brunette, there are always classic Hollywood actors that you can dress up as for Halloween. Aubrey Hepburn’s classic black dress with pearls and Marilyn Monroe’s flowy white dress are both timeless looks. They require just one piece of clothing and a few accessories to add a little sparkle in your look. Put on a red lip, pull your hair back in a tight bun or make some loose curls. It’s a simple, yet iconic look to wear for a Halloween costume.  


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