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‘Locke and Key’ brings fantasy, drama to Netflix

By Chelsie Derman 
Reviews Editor

The new Netflix original series, “Locke and Key,” lures viewers into a world of secret fantasy elements, with a mystery waiting to be solved. This supernatural drama series debuted Feb. 7.

For the Locke household, everything changes when the father — Rendell Locke (Bill Heck) — is murdered and the rest of the family is left in shock. They move to Matheson, Mass. and into the Keyhouse, which is Rendell’s old childhood home.

The Locke family works together to solve the mystery (Netflix).

The Keyhouse, an old and abandoned mansion, is portrayed in a creepy manner from the very first episode. Rendell’s youngest son, Bode (Jackson Robert Scott), hears voices upon moving in that no one else can hear.

I thought it was interesting how odd occurrences kept coming in the show. Right from the start, there is something suspicious about the Keyhouse and its rich history. Keyhouse, the name dedicated to the Locke’s ancestral home, does not bear its name coincidentally. Keys are stationed all over the home in secret locations and discovered through soft, unmeaningful whispers that grow louder as one approaches the key. 

These sound effects furthered my intrigue while watching the scene unfold in front of me. The odd noise matched my confusion as the characters scoured the house for keys that bare magical powers.

I also liked the creation of characters that “Locke and Key” included. While at first I was hesitant to watch this show, thinking it would be childish because of its portrayed trailer, the introduced characters made me think otherwise. The show delves into the lives of a broken family. Between a recovering alcoholic mother (Darby Stanchfield), a fear-driven teenage daughter named Kinsey (Emilia Jones), a distant teenage son named Tyler (Connor Jessup) and the youngest, naive son Bode, it is clear that the family is not in a good place. 

The teens also go through relatable situations, which I thought was a positive addition to the show. Kinsey, for instance, struggles making friends at her new school. This relatable situation makes the show feel more real, despite its outlandish elements.

Aside from finding the mystical keys and dealing with teen drama, the growing threat of the Locke’s enemy adds more intrigue to the storyline.

Dodge, introduced as Well Lady — or so Bode calls her — speaks to Bode from the bottom of the well during the first episode. At first, Dodge puts on a trusting front, solely through the sound of her voice. That is, until she tricks Bode into handing over a key, snapping her credibility and posing as a threat to Bode and the rest of the Locke family.

The fight between Dodge and the Locke’s made me more curious— why is Dodge after all of these keys?

While viewers do not know Dodge’s true identity until the last couple of episodes, they do get a sense she is not human. With extra strength and abnormal hunger, Dodge hunts for a particular key — the omega key, with no explanation as to why.

Nevertheless, throughout the course of the show, I kept on wondering who Dodge really was. If she is not human, what is she? Fortunately, the end of the show provides a solid explanation, but still keeps my thoughts racing and wanting more.

While from the first episode you get a sense of the fantasy elements — the keys with mystical functions and the murmuring voices that lead the Locke children to new, hidden keys — I did not expect the depth this show provides, especially with the family dynamic. The bonds between the family members, or the lack thereof, add to the emotional pain of the story.

Nevertheless, as the characters had hurdles thrown at them, I found myself rooting for them to win as the woman that came from the well destroyed their lives.

Right from the start, “Locke and Key,” hooked me with the fantasy element and then drew me in with its deep, well-thought out characters.

As the show goes on, the plot deceives viewers, leading them to believe something entirely different than the truth. The plot twist left me stunned, leaving me eager to watch a second season.

“Locke and Key” provides just enough fantasy and mystery to keep the viewer satisfied. I recommend this show to anyone who is interested in a unique fantasy that will pull you in right from the start.


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