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Campus Style: Smart packing for spring break

By Marina Zupko

Around this time of year, college students are hustling to find the perfect spring break destination. Spring break isn’t cheap, so after booking the flight and hotel, it may feel like you’re really pushing your luck in spending money. There are many smart hacks to avoid extra fees — an important one is to not check a bag. But how can you fit five-days worth of stuff into a carry on? Here is how I utilize the price hack while still being able to carry my favorite items anywhere I travel. 

Every trip starts with a plane outfit — a smart and effective opportunity to bring items to your destination without actually packing them. For me, a jean jacket and platform sneakers are always hard to squeeze into my bag, so I pair them with black leggings and a tank.

Wear comfortable clothes on a plane (Envato Elements).

I always choose to bring my mini suitcase along with a backpack, rather than an oversized purse or shoulder bag. This provides more packing room for last minute items. My backpack usually consists of any medicine I need, earbuds, a planner, a reading book, a phone charger, my wallet (with money, ID and passport ready), sunglasses and my makeup bag. When traveling to a warm destination, makeup can be packed much lighter, as you do not need a full glam look on island time. 

My carry-on suitcase usually goes a little something like this: a hairbrush, a toothbrush and toothpaste, face wash, deodorant, perfume, a small extra purse, a razor, lotion/moisturizer, skin care products, makeup wipes, jewelry, five bathing suits, five cover ups and daytime outfits, five nighttime outfits, undergarments, pajamas, a pair of flip flops and a pair of sandals (platform or regular). This may seem like a lot to squeeze into a small suitcase, but when you pack smart, no problems arise. For example, pick three basic tops that can be matched with multiple bottoms. Additionally, mixed bathing suit combos are extremely in style right now, so use this to your advantage! Stores such as Walmart and Target sell mini-sized products that follow TSA liquid rules. Use these, or even fill mini bottles up with your favorite products. 

Traveling can be stressful for most people, but give yourself a break by packing light and smart. 


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