October 24, 2020

‘Hitman Go’ entertains gamers

March 8, 2016 Andrew Street 0

By Andrew Street Social Media Editor “Hitman Go” was released on the App Store and Google Play two years ago amid much fanfare. While mobile games often get bad reputations among traditional players, “Hitman Go” […]

Construction at the College is worth it

February 23, 2016 Andrew Street 0

Undoubtedly, the construction across campus has become an inconvenience to everyone. With each new week, we see a new pathway closed or a mud patch formed, We may even hear new noises accompanied with construction. Of course, the construction is necessary for the College to continue to grow, but it has had its fair share of growing pains. The increasing inconvenience begs the question: Are the headaches going to be worth it? […]

Gamers geared for friendly, competitive play

February 16, 2016 Andrew Street 0

A close-knit group of gamers came together to create a place for people to share what they are passionate about — where hardcore and casual players alike can test their skills against one another: a place called the Competitive Gaming Club (CGC). […]

Game brings divine role-playing

November 17, 2015 Andrew Street 0

By Andrew Street Staff Writer In June of 2014, developer Larian Studios delivered the critically praised “Divinity Original Sin.” The game, which was reminiscent of the fantasy video game “Baldur’s Gate,” blew most hardcore role-playing […]

Creators revamp ‘Uncharted’ series

October 27, 2015 Andrew Street 0

By Andrew Street Staff Writer Naughty Dog, the creators of the iconic “Jak and Daxter series,” “Crash Bandicoot” and “The Last of Us” are often regarded as industry leaders in terms of triple-A gaming development. […]

‘Volume’ imagines dystopian future

October 6, 2015 Andrew Street 0

By Andrew Street Staff Writer Gamers will likely remember the classic virtual reality missions featured in the first edition of “Metal Gear Solid.” The fun, and at times difficult, challenges provided additional content to the […]

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