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Candida DeFonseca

Two out of three ain’t bad

There was an invasion on campus last Tuesday, of the mtvU sort. The college music station's Campus Invasion tour hit the Recreation Center with Motion City Soundtrack and hellogoodbye performing for a crowd of about 800. Though Straylight Run was also scheduled to play, two of the members came down with food poisoning and had to cancel.

College goes wild for Wilder

Thornton Wilder, the writer of what some call the greatest American play, was celebrated on Monday in an event featuring readings of his published works and letters, as well as anecdotes and discussions of his influence.Best known for his play "Our Town," ubiquitous in high school literature classes, he was honored by the Thornton Wilder Society, now based at the College.

IGC president resigns amid accusations of ‘dirty rushing’

Inter-Greek Council (IGC) President PJ Spigner, a member of Sigma Pi Fraternity, has resigned after facing allegations of "dirty rushing" from the presidents of the seven social fraternities. Dirty rushing consists of a Greek member bad-mouthing another Greek organization to a potential new member, according to Dan Adami, president of Phi Alpha Delta Fraternity.

Negro Baseball League boasts strong legacy

Wearing an old Kansas City Monarchs jersey, number eight, Byron Motley addressed the audience in the Music Building's concert hall about a subject he called "very near and dear to my heart" - the Negro Baseball League. "This is a story about men and women who simply wanted to play ball," Motley said.

Danger, wizardry make Potter magic

Dragons and mermaids and sphinxes, oh my! Everyone's favorite scarred boy wizard is back in the next installment, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," set to hit theatres Nov. 18. Already, people have begun to buy advance tickets for the movie. At the AMC Theatre in Hamilton, two of the three theatres for the midnight showing are sold out.

Student brings ‘Laramie’ story to life

For some people, acting is a pastime, but for others it is part of a greater statement. For Allyssa Metzger, junior mathematics and history major, acting was something she picked up as a child and now uses as a tool to help open up people's eyes to the world at large.

Let’s talk about ‘Hex’ baby – Halloween night lecture draws a crowd

Feeling a little on the dumb side? Eat a lot of cashews; they're supposed to make your brain sharper. At the seventh annual witch lecture, this year titled "Practice Safe Hex," the audience learned spells in addition to the sometimes funny, sometimes shocking history of witchcraft and witches.

DeGraw to perform in Kendall Hall Nov. 6

The College Union Board (CUB), after some wrangling over potential concert dates, will be bringing singer/songwriter Gavin DeGraw to Kendall Hall Nov. 6. The show will start at 7 p.m., with doors opening at 6, an hour earlier than concerts usually start, to accommodate the fact that it will be a Sunday, with classes being held the following morning.

Jazz group makes poetic music

Walt Whitman, possibly the greatest American poet, was reincarnated through music and voice at Kendall Hall last Friday evening. As part of the Walt Whitman Symposium, The Fred Hersch Ensemble, a jazz group, put Whitman to music, with both spoken and sung sections, as well as a number of evocative and captivating instrumental breaks.

Osagie announces business curriculum changes

The School of Business is currently altering its curriculum and working on a freshman seminar program (FSP) and a Business Scholars Program, an honors program exclusively for business majors. "We are very excited to be here and we really believe that we can move this school into one of the top business programs in the country," Emmanuel Osagie, dean of the School of Business, said.

College administrators play musical chairs for 2005-06 school year

Many of the administrative positions at the College have new people filling them for the Fall 2005 semester. Lisa McCarthy, former assistant director of Student Development and Campus Programs, is now interim director of Alumni Affairs in the office of Development and Alumni Affairs.

SFB elects 2005-06 members funds White Ribbon Campaign

The Student Finance Board (SFB) introduced newly elected members at last week's meeting, the day after the polls closed. The board also heard a last-minute request from the White Ribbon Campaign for a sexual violence awareness program. The 2005-06 executive board will consist of: Julia Pratt, chairperson; Danielle Grinblat, director of finance; Kyle Brownlie, assistant chairperson; Jonathan Borst, director of communication; Kobi Wilmot, director of external relations; Steven Oliveira, junior accountant.

Flying Pineapples find their home at the College

Ever seen a Flying Pineapple? Chances are, outside of a food fight or "Iron Chef," probably not. However, if you're a fan of Ultimate Frisbee, or just plain Ultimate, you should keep the name in mind. The Flying Pineapples, the College's Ultimate club team, is active and playing.

Teams spin the wheel, buy vowels to support future alums

The Future Alumni Association (FAA) spun the wheel during their second annual game show night last Wednesday. Their show of choice this year was "Wheel of Fortune" with campus organizations playing for prizes. The winners, for the second year in a row, were the women's rugby team, who won $40 in cash and another $10 for guessing correctly in the bonus round.

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