Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Chelsea LoCascio

Students taste tapas at study abroad interest session

By Chelsea LoCascio Production Manager Students at the College were able to discuss their worries about studying abroad with students who are currently abroad — helping put their...

New app created by students for students

By Chelsea LoCascio Production Manager SaySo, an amalgam of Facebook, LinkedIn and Craigslist, is the potential new go-to app for college students. The website, which will eventually...

Students see their ‘beautiful reflections’

By Chelsea LoCascio Production Manager Students’ moods lit up the Brower Student Center during last week’s campus-wide power outage as they passed by mirrors covered in...

Teens texting have become a costly distraction

In the aftermath of last weekend’s blizzard, I watched helplessly as another student slipped on the slush but was too focused on her phone to even notice. As a society, individuals have become so desensitized to embarrassing blunders like this that witnessing distracted students jaywalk in front of cars or walk into someone without apologizing is a part of daily routine.

Impacts of social media on students

By Chelsea LoCascio Production Manager Social media’s expanding population has transformed its purpose from connecting with friends to promoting businesses, products and people. “When you’re old, you...

‘Frozen’ craze has gone too far

Let it go, let it go. Can’t hold it back any more. How can anyone “let it go” when everywhere you turn, “Frozen” is promoted like someone has been personally paid by Disney’s advertisement team?

David Koechner gives laugh-filled lecture

By Chelsea LoCascio Production Manager Actor David Koechner began his lecture describing his relationship with his favorite drinking buddy — where staying up until the early...

Alternative Break Club hits the road

While some students spent time with family over break, others found a new one while driving across the country, building houses for Hurricane Katrina victims or giving ill children an unforgettable experience.

Lamda Theta Phi welcomes potential students

By Chelsea LoCascio Features Assistant After filing off buses, a group of high school students headed into the Brower Student Center to learn what awaits them...

By lantern light, PRISM honors those we have lost

By Chelsea LoCascio Features Assistant Eclipsed by the blinding stadium lights and cheers of girl’s field hockey fans, students shared their darkest moments by the glow...

Active Minds teaches campus to prevent suicide

By Chelsea LoCascio Staff Writer Among the crowds of students chitchatting with friends or passing time between classes with a quick lunch, a group of students...

Spread the word to end the word

Best Buddies call for an end to the r-word.

Tragic truth to being ‘thin’

While giving her son his nightly bath, Alisa Williams would take the opportunity to throw up down the drain while her son’s head was turned.

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