November 27, 2020

Lessons learned from college experience

December 3, 2013 Chris Rightmire 0

A conscientious student has undoubtedly heard it a million times: Unemployment and student loan debt are rising for undergraduates. The paranoia invoked by this reality is often exacerbated by another often repeated cliché: Do what you love and don’t worry about money!

Sharing love at fall concert

November 12, 2013 Chris Rightmire 0

Despite almost an hour-long interlude of electronic music, there was a tangible change in the energy of the crowd as Grouplove came onstage to Skrillex and ASAP Rocky’s “Wild for the Night” at the Fall Concert in Kendall Hall on Saturday, Nov. 9.

VFW surprisingly great place to grab dinner

September 24, 2013 Chris Rightmire 35

On Thursdays and Fridays cars overflow from its parking lot into the street, and a savory aroma wafts over the nearby Green Lane Fields. Despite its large crowds and close proximity to campus — it’s actually the closest eatery to the College — it took me until my senior year to explore the soulful flavors of the Ewing Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). […]

Human struggle shouldn’t result in tragedy

September 24, 2013 Chris Rightmire 0

Last April, a young woman named Paige Aiello ended her life at the close of the semester. To many who knew her, she was driven, deeply caring and intelligent, and a she was a leader in every facet of her life. While the memory of her life rests in many hearts, her death is reflective of a tragic occurrence. Beneath the numbers are individuals who deserve a shoulder to cry on. […]

Green Team works hard to take care of Ewing

September 17, 2013 Chris Rightmire 0

At the College, many student groups and individuals work to instill sustainable environmental habits and practices. When it comes to improving the local Ewing community, concerned students and faculty have allies for helping to improve Ewing’s overall environmental practices.

Benefits of biking

September 3, 2013 Chris Rightmire 0

How much extra time do you have to give yourself?  Five minutes? 10 minutes? Maybe even 15 minutes if you’re a dedicated student. Depending on your luck — or your willingness to run over fellow […]

In-room conflict resolution

August 27, 2013 Chris Rightmire 0

Bad food, hard classes and finding new friends are causes of anxiety for incoming college freshmen, but, when I was a fresh-faced high school graduate, I had a disproportionate fear of getting a roommate that snores. […]

College combats waste, recycling for a change

April 30, 2013 Chris Rightmire 0

It is a multi-billion dollar global industry, saves trillions of tons of resources annually, has an iconic logo and its virtues are sung aloud at elementary schools across the country every Earth Day. At the College, however, students, faculty and administrators still face the dilemma of how to prevent environmental waste. […]

Campus MovieFest

April 23, 2013 Chris Rightmire 28

College campuses are a breeding ground for new and revolutionary ideas. However, students are often short-handed on the money and professional connections needed to present their ideas to the right people. This can cause a lot of ideas to never escape the dorm room, especially with a hard-to-break-into industry like film. […]

Green Ambassadors

March 26, 2013 Chris Rightmire 0

Humans are creatures of habit. This seems especially true when it comes to destructive habits, such as not recycling, using too much electricity and other habits that cause extra strain on the environment. In order to facilitate student-to-student education about these habits, how destructive they are and how to stop them, a new program has been formed at the College called Sustainability Ambassadors. […]

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