October 30, 2020

Students share opinions around campus

November 28, 2016 Craig Dietel 0

“Are you worried about the countries future?” “Yes because Donald Trump.” “Yes, specifically environmentally because it is not something that you can fix overnight.” “What annoys you most about on-campus living?” “The walk from Townhouses […]

Students share opinions around campus

November 7, 2016 Craig Dietel 0

“Should T-Dubs re-open its doors for meal equiv?” “Yes, it should be open again. Living in the Towers made it convenient for lunch.” “Yes, because I like the food options they serve and the convenience.” […]

Students share opinions around campus

October 31, 2016 Craig Dietel 0

“Is Bill Clinton’s past relevant to Hillary’s campaign?” “No. Bill isn’t running for president, his wife is. There are more important issues to focus on.” “Yes, because Hillary blatantly tried to get the victims to […]

Students share opinions around campus

October 17, 2016 Craig Dietel 0

“Does America’s political system work for the people?” “No, there’s a level of dishonesty within both of the political parties.” “No, because no one wants the two potential candidates to be elected, so we don’t […]

Apple makes major changes to iPhone 7

September 26, 2016 Craig Dietel 0

After Apple’s iPhone 7 hit the shelves on Tuesday, Sept. 13, it has received mixed reviews from critics. The biggest issue consumers seem to have with the new product is the lack of a 3.5 mm headphone jack. However, the removal of that 50-year-old technology was actually a brilliant move. […]