Saturday, February 27, 2021

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To censor or not, that is the question

Reporters and editors have to make some difficult decisions at times, and for those of us who aren't the Trentonian, it gets a bit more complicated than what synonym for "evil" to use to describe Saddam Hussein in a headline. On one hand, we had Eason Jordan's, CNN's chief news executive, confessing of all of the information his company held back while covering Iraq for various reasons.

There was no rush to see Rushdie

Let's review the events that have taken place in Kendall Hall over the last few weeks. First, we had Ben Folds, singing to a sold-out audience. Then there was Mystique of the East, a parade of hard-working students, again in front of a sold-out crowd. Last Thursday, Kendall's stage was graced with one of the greatest, and most controversial, literary minds of our time, Salman Rushdie.

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