Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Ellie Schuckman

College is national exemplar

By Ellie Schuckman News Editor Often ranked as one of the of the top schools in the north region, the College was recently recognized nationally for...

Freshman seminar program history explored

By Ellie Schuckman News Editor It’s 1989 and Trenton State College is undergoing an academic overhaul. President Harold Eickhoff has recently appointed a task force to...

Opponents plot to defund Planned Parenthood

American politics has become the hub for brash arguments and idiotic comments, resulting in several field days for the media. The ongoing, heated battles between Republicans and Democrats has reached a new level of insanity — fighting once again about defunding Planned Parenthood.

HERO Campaign comes to campus

In an initiative to end driving while intoxicated, the College has recently partnered with the HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers to promote safe and sober designated driving.

Next stop: South Africa

By Ellie Schuckman News Editor Starting this school year, the College has added to its winter study abroad opportunities with a new destination — South Africa. The...

The College hosts annual Special Olympics Games

This past summer, for over 2,500 athletes, the College was home to the 2015 New Jersey Special Olympics Summer Games.

Jenner steps out as Caitlyn, wins courage award

Since Caitlyn Jenner revealed herself to the world on the cover of Vanity Fair, she has received praise and congratulations from many, yet hatred and negativity from others. Why can’t people just let others be whomever it is they want to be?

Public education system severely flawed

For all of us here at the College, education is what got us to this point in our lives. For many, public education in particular is what we’ve all known since kindergarten. We’ve grown up learning from teachers who were once students, and we’ve sat in desks for hours on end waiting for the saving grace of the dismissal bell to ring. We’ve all aspired to be something, whether it’d be an astronaut, rockstar, police officer, doctor or even a teacher. However, with a rise in standardized testing, many have come to loathe the current education system, and some are now even opposed to becoming teachers at all. This is wrong

Inconsistency for Loop Bus pick-up causes uproar

With the fencing up around the Brower Student Center, certain changes to campus events and offerings were bound to be effected, and the Loop Bus — coveted off-campus transportation — is no exception.

ACT’s risky, abstract spring production pays off

Set on the verge of the modern smartphone revolution, All College Theater’s interpretation of “Dead Man’s Cell Phone” had audience members questioning metaphysics their own use of electronics throughout its five performances last week in the Don Evans Black Box Theater.

Silence in the library: a necessary measure

If you have spent any time on the third and fourth floors of the College’s library within the past few weeks expecting to work in a quiet, relaxing environment, you have probably struggled to do so as noise violations have become an issue.

Artists seek greater control over music

Just last week, big name artists in the music industry launched Tidal, a new, online music streaming service designed for them to have personal control over their creations. While many view this as simply another way for the rich to get richer, some have questioned its viability with a rise in free music streaming.

Religious freedom boundaries pushed too far: New law discriminates against LGBTQ community

In lieu of several states recently passing “religious freedom” laws, the question of discrimination and individual beliefs have become increasingly entangled.

Is the dress white and gold or black and blue? Rise of social media to blame for string of viral hits

By now, I’m sure everyone has heard about the dress. That’s right, the infamous picture causing friendships to be ruined and people to question their own eyesight. But how has one picture of a hideous dress managed to spread around the world? Social media.

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