October 20, 2020

Students barter for bikes to reduce carbon footprint

April 25, 2017 Gabrielle Beacken 0

Students were encouraged to shift from their cars to bikes on Wednesday, April 19, at the Bonner Institute’s and the Environmental Club’s second annual Bike Sale on Green Lawn. The event was part of Bonner Scholars’ Earth Week and was sponsored by the Environmental Club’s TCNJ Unplugged initiative. […]

Weak WiFi connection considered in recent report

November 10, 2015 Gabrielle Beacken 0

In one lucky lab room of Armstrong Hall, students would effortlessly connect to TCNJ-DOT1X on their computers or mobile devices and spend their lab time freely Googling, streaming and sharing with convenience and ease. Yet, in the lab down the hall, a very stark and different scene ensued. Frustration and anxiety filled the room as students quickly learned that accessing a reliable internet connection would be a nearly impossible feat. […]

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