Saturday, July 24, 2021

Gabrielle Beacken

Students barter for bikes to reduce carbon footprint

Students were encouraged to shift from their cars to bikes on Wednesday, April 19, at the Bonner Institute’s and the Environmental Club’s second annual Bike Sale on Green Lawn. The event was part of Bonner Scholars’ Earth Week and was sponsored by the Environmental Club’s TCNJ Unplugged initiative.

Iraqi forces close in on last ISIS-held city

Supported by the U.S., plans for Iraqi troops to reclaim the country’s second largest city controlled by ISIS may take place this October.

Gretchen Carlson receives $20 million settlement with Fox

In July, Gretchen Carlson, former Fox News anchor, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Roger Ailes and has reached a $20 million settlement with Fox.

Paris attacks lead French President to reach out

French President François Hollande talked with leaders from around the world to gain support for heightened attacks on the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Weak WiFi connection considered in recent report

In one lucky lab room of Armstrong Hall, students would effortlessly connect to TCNJ-DOT1X on their computers or mobile devices and spend their lab time freely Googling, streaming and sharing with convenience and ease. Yet, in the lab down the hall, a very stark and different scene ensued. Frustration and anxiety filled the room as students quickly learned that accessing a reliable internet connection would be a nearly impossible feat.

China burns more coal than previously believed

China has been burning up to 17 percent more coal each year than what they have reported.

New speaker asks for bipartisanship in Congress

Wisconsin’s Republican Representative Paul Ryan was elected as the 54th speaker of the house on Thursday.

Around the globe: Hurricane misses Mexico

Check out what is happening in the Americas, Europe and Africa.

Obama and justice leaders discuss criminal reform

Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Crime and Incarceration met with President Obama in Washington, D.C., on Thursday to discuss criminal justice reform.

Clinton and Sanders become spotlight of debate

Clinton and Sanders shine at the first Democratic Presidential debate.

Treasure hunters search for elusive ‘gold train’

Two explorers, Piotr Koper and Andreas Richter, have claimed to have found a 'legend' Nazi train, filled with treasure that was left behind by Hitler.

Jazz concert benefits Congo citizens

By Gabrielle Beacken Nation & World Editor After marrying at an early age and suffering through the death of her husband, a young Congo woman was...

Pope brings faith to millions in America

By Gabrielle Beacken Nation & World Editor Having travelled from Washington, D.C., to New York, to Philadelphia, Pope Francis, 78, ended his 10-day trip to the...

Tourists fatally mistaken for terrorists in Egypt

Egyptian military forces mistakenly fired at a tourist group comprised of Egyptians and Mexicans, killing 12 people and injuring more than 10.

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