October 19, 2020

Stress is not a competition

March 9, 2020 Julia Meehan 0

We’ve all been in this situation: it’s only Monday and you already have 55 pages to read for class tomorrow, two essays due this week and two exams to study for.Overwhelmed, you turn to our friends to let out your stress. Your friend empathizes with you but makes sure to let you know that you have it easy because they have even more to do. Sure, you’re stressed out, but they claim they’re feeling even worse. […]

First-generation students break boundaries

March 2, 2020 Julia Meehan 0

When Ana Gutiérrez first immigrated to the United States three years ago, she was still learning English, and college wasn’t really on her mind. Now as a sophomore communications studies major, she proudly shared her journey to college in front of a large room of students, faculty and alumni. […]

CUB Alt Coffeehouse brews romance

February 17, 2020 Julia Meehan 0

Open mics, love songs and passionate student musicians made for a heartwarming CUB Alt Coffeehouse on Friday, Feb.14 in the Traditions Lounge. The Valentine’s Day chapter of the open-mic series centered around romantic ballads and featured several student musicians, who poured their hearts into their performances. […]