Sunday, May 16, 2021

Lara Becker

Choosing colleges during a worldwide pandemic: A look at the Class of 2024

When Julie Weinstein first set foot on the College’s campus as a prospective student, an overcast of chilling rain loomed in the distance. It was the beginning of her junior year of high school, otherwise known as the time to start cycling through options for higher education.

Foster addresses student concerns about remote-only semester in virtual Town Hall meeting

After months of back-and-forth movement on decisions regarding the fall semester, a definitive announcement came on Aug. 3 reverting from a hybrid structure to online-only instruction, leaving many students with unanswered questions. President Kathryn Foster and other administrators addressed these students and families in virtual town hall meetings on Aug. 5 and Aug. 6 that live-streamed to over 400 students and their families.

Office of Diversity shares plans for campus reform

Many students are taking to various social media platforms to express areas of concern as they speak up to encourage improvements in the world around them. The College’s administration intends to match this motivation for change, with departments such as the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (OIDEI) working to come up with solutions for these social concerns.

Students scramble for housing as demand for off-campus rentals surges

Although she completed her on-campus housing forms in February, Lauren Petite has no idea where she’ll be living in August.

Student organizations make unprecedented strides in activism

While some lay silent, student organizations from all across campus community groups are taking unprecedented steps toward action. Rising senior Ambar Grullón calls it a revolution.

Class of 2020 rings virtual graduation bells

In a time of grave uncertainty, academia knows one thing for sure: the College’s class of 2020 deserves a celebration. Pomp, circumstance and champagne were all in order for these historic graduates –– even if it had to be through a screen.

SFB fully-funds FMA’s two-day business seminar

The Student Finance Board fully funded one organization at its meeting on Oct. 23 for a total cost of $6,599.60.

Students celebrate Da Vinci 500 years after his death

Students from the College’s Italian classes and the Italian Club gathered in the Library Auditorium on Oct. 16 to uncover the rich history of Leonardo Da Vinci through an insightful lecture.

‘Joker’ sparks controversy with dark themes

Deep in the underbelly of sludge and slime, Gotham City is unearthed once again, but this time in a whole new light – or perhaps a lack thereof.

Goo Lagooner transforms campus into Bikini Bottom

Are you ready, kids? Kelp shakes, bubbles, krabby patties and surfing transformed Green Lawn into a “Spongebob” fever dream on Sept. 23.

Sarnoff Collection celebrates Museum Day

Smithsonian Magazine’s “Year of Music” found itself inside the walls Roscoe West Hall for its third annual Museum Day on Saturday, Sept. 21.

People should use fear as motivation

This summer, I insisted, despite the reasonable objections of my parents, that I return to my summer camp one more time to be a counselor. I figured that my summers of carefree cannonballs into the deep end and late-night bonfires were numbered, and that I could squeak out one more season by returning to the iconic place that defined my childhood.

HCM training honors late music student

Buddy Fox, a junior music performance and chemistry double major, remembered the comfort of sitting with Jason Zujkowski, who would bring bags of food to the basement of the music building to share with his friends.

Denim Day supports sexual assault victims

Sentiments of love and support were written on squares of cut-up jeans at the Anti-Violence Initiatives’ table outside the Social Sciences Building from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on April 24 to commemorate Denim Day, an annual nationwide event for those who stand in solidarity with sexual assault survivors.

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