Saturday, July 24, 2021

Lindsay Knight

Students develop program to aid Hopewell schools

No matter what college you attend, be it an Ivy League university, a large public university or a smaller public school like the College, it is incredibly difficult as an undergraduate to get hands-on experience in careers in your field. In the College's computer science department, however, associate professor Ursula Wolz has changed the face of undergraduate research opportunities.

Red Cross collects 61 pints of blood from donors

How many times have you given blood since you turned 17, the legal age for blood donation? Never? Once, because a friend suggested it? Angie Velez, freshman psychology major, has given blood six times since she turned 17. Velez was just one of 98 donors that attended the American Red Cross Blood Drive last Wednesday, an event sponsored by Circle K, the College's chief service organization.

Construction Update: No end in sight

On several sections of campus, there are new construction projects underway. According to Brian Murray, director of Construction at the College, although there are many projects currently underway, the College is trying to get as much construction done as it can before the Sesquicentennial in 2005.

USA Patriot Act — A threat to personal privacy?

Is it possible that the FBI has a record of every book you have checked out of the Roscoe L. West Library? Doubtful, but indeed possible, under the USA Patriot Act. This act was the topic of the Politics Forum held last Tuesday by Daryl Fair, constitutional law specialist and political science professor at the College.

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