October 25, 2020

Fraternity house raided by Ewing police

October 22, 2008 Megan DeMarco 0

Six students were arrested for supplying alcohol to minors and five others were issued summonses for underage drinking early Thursday morning when Ewing police were dispatched to a house on the 1600 block of Pennington Road. The house, nicknamed “The Hole,” is owned by the Sigma Pi fraternity. […]

Campus leaders excited for year

August 27, 2008 Megan DeMarco 0

From concerts and a voter registration drive to a human regurgitator, campus leaders are working hard to bring exciting events to campus this semester.

Student Government Association (SGA) Executive President Dan Scapardine said SGA’s priorities this year include a voter registration drive, co-sponsorships with clubs on campus and having a “stronger presence on campus,” in addition to SGA’s regular events such as Finals Fest. […]

Holy puke: Drunk student taken to Spiritual Center

April 30, 2008 Megan DeMarco 0

A student was charged with underage consumption of alcoholic beverages on April 16 at 1:30 a.m.

An officer observed the student lying down on the ground behind a parked vehicle.

The officer observed another student trying to help her up.

When the officer asked if everyone was OK, the intoxicated student said she was “OK” and “just wanted to go to bed. […]

Jewish fraternity given pre-active status by IGC

April 30, 2008 Megan DeMarco 0

The Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) Jewish fraternity was voted a pre-active status chapter at the College through a 22-4 vote on April 23.

Dave Conner, assistant director of Fraternities and Sororities, said recognition of AEPi is the first attempted expansion of the Greek community using a combined expansion policy of the Inter-Greek Council (IGC) and the office of Student Activities and Leadership Development that was implemented in January. […]

Car mirror thief strikes in Lot 9

April 23, 2008 Megan DeMarco 0

A driver’s side mirror was knocked off a car on the top level of Lot 9 between Tuesday, April 15, and Wednesday, April 16.

The victim met with a Campus Police officer at 6:35 p.m. on April 16 and said when he returned to his car he observed the driver’s side mirror was broken off. […]

Former student’s family notified of her death more than a year later

April 16, 2008 Megan DeMarco 2

When Jaclyn Pryzbylkowski met Amber Ramsey on the first day of freshman year, she immediately thought, “This person is going to make a change.”

“She was just one of those people,” Pryzbylkowski, who graduated from the College in December, said.

A brilliant, independent and talented student, Ramsey entered the College in 2003 as a women’s and gender studies major. […]

Get your hands off my Wii

April 16, 2008 Megan DeMarco 0

On April 5 at 9:30 a.m. a student reported to Campus Police that his Nintendo Wii gaming console, remote and a video game were stolen from his room in Wolfe Hall.

The victim said he last saw the property at 4 p.m. on April 4 and first realized it was missing at 3 p. […]

College Democrats back in action

April 9, 2008 Megan DeMarco 0

The College Democrats are making a revival.

Their president, Alex Berger, said the group went under a few years ago due to lack of interest. He said when he first came on campus as a freshman earlier this year, he wondered where the College Democrats were. […]

Student pays tribute to the porcelain god

April 9, 2008 Megan DeMarco 0

A resident of Travers Hall was charged with underage consumption when Campus Police received a call that a student was vomiting in a men’s bathroom in Travers Hall on March 28 at 2:15 a.m.

When a Campus Police officer arrived, the student was leaning against the wall outside the bathroom looking confused. […]

Travers Hall tagged with racist epithets

April 2, 2008 Megan DeMarco 0

Someone carved the word “nigger” into a wall in a Travers Hall elevator on Wednesday, March 19.

A Travers office staff member told Campus Police that she noticed it at 11:30 a.m. and submitted an online work order to have it removed.

The officer removed a piece of paper taped to the wall to cover the word and observed it carved into the wood on the wall. […]

Students GetIt from thief

March 26, 2008 Megan DeMarco 0

A student’s GetIt card was stolen and was used to make purchases totaling $197.10.

The card was stolen between Feb. 29 and March 2. The victim said she last used her card on Feb. 29 to enter Eickhoff Hall. She said she thought the card had fallen out of her pocket after entering the building and she did not use the card for the rest of the weekend. […]

More than 300 Senior Week tickets sold

March 19, 2008 Megan DeMarco 0

When an unexpected 322 students signed up, the senior class council officially declared the return of Senior Week.

Nicole Kasian, senior class secretary, said the 322 met the number of students the class council anticipated signing up.

“We are so happy and proud of our senior class,” she said. […]

Student pops a squat and marks her territory in Travers

March 19, 2008 Megan DeMarco 0

A student found urinating in the hallway of Travers Hall was charged with consuming alcoholic beverages underage on March 5 at 3:35 a.m.

A Community Advisor (CA) in Travers told Campus Police officers that at 3:15 she heard what sounded like water splashing in the hallway when she was in her room with the door slightly open. […]

Riding in cars with drunks

March 5, 2008 Megan DeMarco 0

On Saturday, March 1 at 3 a.m. a student was charged with underage consumption of alcoholic beverages when a Campus Police officer pulled over a car with headlight damage.

The officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from the passenger compartment. […]

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