November 26, 2020

College Democrats hang with Kerry and Corzine

September 21, 2005 Melissa Hernandez 0

A crowd of people swarmed around Sen. John Kerry Sept. 10 when he delivered a speech at a house gathering in support of Sen. Jon Corzine, Democratic candidate for governor.

The event was held in Lawrenceville and Kerry’s featured speech took place on the patio in the backyard. […]

Faculty art exhibit shows College staff in new light

September 29, 2004 Melissa Hernandez 0

When the College’s art department opened the Holman Hall doors to its “Art Faculty Exhibition” Sept. 15, the College gained a New York-like art gallery on-campus.

“All of the work in the exhibition is highly creative, technically exceptional and worthy of display in any New York gallery,” Judy Masterson, art gallery director, said. […]

RDs stay forever young living among College students

September 15, 2004 Melissa Hernandez 0

Imagine living right upstairs, or right next door to your own office. While others are used to a long commute to get home after a long day’s work, Complex Coordinator Sean Stallings lives a few steps away from his office at Townhouses West.

Stallings, like six other residence directors who work on the campus, lives on campus and does his job from home, which for him is right downstairs. […]

Mark Bibbins delivers ‘unsafe’ poetry

October 7, 2003 Melissa Hernandez 0

English professor Catie Rosemurgy introduced poet Mark Bibbins as “dangerous.”

“So the question on all your minds must be,” she said, “what is so dangerous about Mark Bibbins?”

According to Rosemurgy, Bibbins’ poetry is challenging. “The predictable assurances of time and space, of a kind god in his heaven, of a noble and reliable self, of feeling at all O. […]

Be not afraid — fear inspires professor’s memoir

September 23, 2003 Melissa Hernandez 0

When Jo Kadlecek went for a walk on the beach with her husband one day, she realized that she was walking amidst the two things she had feared most in life – the ocean and men. That is when Kadlecek decided to write about her experience, which later turned into the first chapter of her book, “Fear. […]

Minimum wage

August 25, 2003 Melissa Hernandez 0

This summer was the summer from hell.

Whoever said getting an easy job for a few extra bucks was simple obviosly has never been in my shoes.

I had the worst experience working not as an itern (i.e. slave) for a big company but rather, get this, RETAIL!

I would wake up every morning at 9:00 a. […]

State cuts to begin in July

April 22, 2003 Melissa Hernandez 0

As part of the efforts to close a projected multi-billion dollar gap in the states’ budget for the Fiscal years (FY) ’03 and ’04, significant cuts in state funding of N.J. higher education institutions have been proposed for the upcoming year, beginning July 1, according to the New Jersey Association of State Colleges and Universities Web site. […]

Students protest new graphic, ask for better representation

April 8, 2003 Melissa Hernandez 0

Students’ voices were heard as a number of protesters gathered beside the sun dial outside of the student center last Wednesday, chanting “What do we want? Clock tower! When do we want it? Now!”

Signs reading “We Want the Clock Tower” and “Stop Wasting Our Money” were held in oppositon to the new school logo that many students claim they had been unaware of until the transformation was made. […]

PSA leads 20 in candlelight protest

April 1, 2003 Melissa Hernandez 0

About 20 students and faculty members gathered in front of Green Hall last Thursday immediately following the anti-war teach-in, to be a part of the rally hosted by the Progressive Student Alliance (PSA).

All those involved held a candle to signify their stand against the war and to remember those who have died. […]