Sunday, April 18, 2021

Nancy Bowne

People should consider the darker side of Hallmark Movies

Hallmark movies are perhaps one of the only things my whole family can agree on to watch.

Meeting friends online is a good life skill

Especially during quarantine, I’ve noticed a bit of a shift during the remote semester and not relying on a school setting to nurture old friendships and create new ones. But what people don’t realize is the relatively modern way of meeting people online that has only been made more accessible due to social media and apps.

Improving participation in remote courses and meetings is vital

I look at these people, people I might have been able to become better acquainted with, could have grown friendships with or go to Eick with after class. At this point, it all just feels so frustrating what we could be missing or creating anew. How can we improve this process?

Listen to peers, non-experts — they might give helpful advice

During this fall semester, I began thinking about how we take advice after a conversation with Patrick Sargent, a member of the Brooklyn-based band, The Rad Trads.

Blue light glasses: perfect for long hours staring at computer screens

Remember those girls in fifth grade who wore glasses as an accessory? “They’re a fun style,” they said. Yeah, right. As a kid who would eat carrots in the car on the way to the eye doctor’s appointment to try and fend off the need to wear glasses (which worked until I was 11), I found this very confusing.

Latest CUB concert plays its cards well with The Aces

The Aces held a virtual concert for students at the College, hosted by CUB, on Oct. 21. The Aces are an indie-pop band from Polva, Utah, composed of members Katie Henderson, McKenna Petty, Alisa Ramirez and Cristal Ramirez. They released their album “Under My Influence” this July, and they plan to tour for the album next spring. 

Voting always matters: not just during each presidential election

I never thought I would be getting daily reminders from Discord and Instagram to check my voter registration. Considering I have been registered since the beginning of freshman year, I knew that I would want to check and update my status just to be safe. After all, I thought I was fully registered this time last year, and it turns out my absentee ballot never made it to Wolfe Hall.

It’s time to consider the deeper humanity in horror movie characters

It’s the unthinkable that catches people’s attention. “How could someone do that?” And we’re already sucked in.

Johnson & Johnson, Novavax inch closer to Covid-19 vaccines

Johnson & Johnson and Novavax's vaccines are moving rapidly, boosting hopes for a vaccine to be approved before the end of the year.

A new way of teaching: professors share their thoughts on remote instruction

After a summer of extensive planning for a remote semester, the College’s faculty are adjusting to the reality of teaching classes from their homes. With new technology and changes to classroom management, professors have realized that this semester is anything but typical.

Study groups are a tool to engage in remote classrooms

I took an Intro to Linguistics course during the spring 2020 semester. As part of our final grade, our professor organized the class into groups for our “mandatory fourth hour lab study period.” I remember thinking it was silly and unnecessary. Besides, I had always preferred to study alone and did not think a study group would just result in a ranting circle of procrastination.

How journalism brought a community that kept me sane during a pandemic

We meet new people each and every single day of our lives. Sometimes these interactions last forever as a friendship, and on most occasions, we might have never even known their name. During the era of Covid-19, these trivial, nurturing relationships are suddenly cut to a minimum.

The Killers leave ‘Mr. Brightside’ behind with new album, ‘Imploding the Mirage’

If it weren’t for Brandon Flower’s chiseled punk guyliner and sultry voice, I probably would have tried to move on from 00’s rock bands. The Killers have been held in limbo for quite some time in the midst of these trying times, so why not shoot 2020 in the foot and release their new album, “Imploding the Mirage?” But this foot sets off running with quite an explosive array of figments in a time capsule.

Paid or unpaid, internships open doors to full-time jobs

In a job market prioritizing workplace experience, internships are the golden ticket to securing credentials and providing an insight into career interests.

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