Friday, March 5, 2021

Neha Vachhani

Reducing greenhouse gases, one steak at a time

By Neha Vachhani Columnist Climate change will always be a controversial topic of discussion. The ongoing debates about the truths behind the severity, causes and solutions...

New Jersey – a leader in solar energy use

By Neha Vachhani Columnist When thinking of renewable energy or sustainable resources, most people initially think of California and its tree-hugging residents. Although California takes the...

Short film raises awareness about a big issue

By Neha Vachhani Columnist Director Louie Schwartzberg and writer Scott Z. Burns came together to create an inspirational, three-minute short film called “What’s Possible,” stressing that...

The drain of big business

By Neha Vachhani Columnist The continuous drought throughout California has negatively impacted not only locals experiencing the water shortages firsthand, but also everyday consumers across the...

Napa County shaken up by 6.0 quake

By Neha Vachhani Columnist Although Californians are accustomed to the shaky rumble of frequent earthquakes, just this past Sunday, residents of Napa County awoke to an...

Organic produce in demand

As the genetically-altered nature of America’s produce becomes public knowledge, the demand for organic fruits and vegetables has increased. The West Coast is the...

Consumer corporations and wind energy

Corporations like Intel, Whole Foods, Walmart and Google have been active investors in wind power as well as alternative renewable energy sources, and the popular Swedish furniture store Ikea has joined the club.

USDA cutting organic requirements in half

The drought in California has had major effects on the farming industry.

Chitin may offer solution to plastic problem

Although using Chitin for everyday household products is still a very hypothetical reality, it may be an affordable and environmentally cautious step in the right direction.

The immense power a tiny seed holds

Learn more about how scientists are saving plants.

California in desperate need of some rain

While we're getting inches of snow, over 17 communities on the west coast are at risk of running out of water in as soon as 60 days.

Sriracha hot sauce factory on 30-day freeze

Red jalapeño pepper fumes are causing health problems.

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