September 21, 2020

Movie’s biggest night brings Oscar’s biggest awards

February 23, 2005 Scott Napolitano 0

The countdown until the big day for Hollywood bigwigs is drawing closer and with no titanic films owning the categories (see a little movie from previous years about a ring) stars, executives and crews will all hold their breath. And if you’re holding your breath waiting for the second half of my Oscar review, breathe you fools! Have no fear; read on and peruse the potential victors of the silver screen. […]

Oscar regulars and newbies vie for the golden statue

February 16, 2005 Scott Napolitano 0

February is perhaps the hardest transition for movie goers. All of the late Christmas bloomers have left theaters and it is still months before the summer rush begins. But there’s still excitement for the film fanatics when rumors begin to swirl about who will take home the golden statue of the nude man holding a sword. […]

Goodbye to a real life hero–Follow-Up

October 20, 2004 Scott Napolitano 0

Editor’s note: Scott Napolitano attended a speech by Christopher Reeve on Sept. 29, and wrote about his experience in the Oct. 6 issue of The Signal. Below, he shares his reaction to the actor’s recent death.

I’ve been told that your childhood ends when one of your heroes passes away and you wake up the next day feeling that much older. […]

Oscars Preview — Best Costume, music and art

February 11, 2004 Scott Napolitano 0

As we end the first quarter of February, the Oscar race is finally beginning to heat up. Studio execs are doing everything within their power to sway Academy voters to pick their “masterpiece” as the year’s best. Press junkets are more numerous than primaries at this point (and it seems the candidates for the Oscars this year have almost as difficult a time as the Democratic presidential hopefuls). […]

Oscars Preview — editing, makeup and visual effects

February 4, 2004 Scott Napolitano 0

Well folks, it’s that time of year again – when the bigwigs behind the biggest films of the year butt heads to take home a golden statue of a nude man holding a sword. Actors and actresses compete to come up with the longest running, driest and/or most politically offensive speech of the evening. […]

Christie classic translates mystery gold to screen

April 29, 2003 Scott Napolitano 0

On the surface, the plot of “Identity” is as simple as can be: 10 people check into a dingy motel on a stormy night. Unbeknownst to the eclectic array of worn-out travelers, a killer is in their midst.

One by one, the group is picked apart, and then found brutally murdered in a number of gruesome ways. […]

Sandler and Nicholson make for an ‘Anger’ ball

April 15, 2003 Scott Napolitano 0

Question: what is crazier than the usual insanity of an Adam Sandler movie? Answer: an insane Adam Sandler movie with Jack “Hereeeee’s Johnny” Nicholson. The plot of Sandler’s latest comedy focuses on the misadventures of the misunderstood Dave Buznik. After “assaulting” an airline attendant, the meek Dave is sentenced to an anger management course. […]

Tolkien saw ‘Rings’ as new English mythology, scholar says

March 18, 2003 Scott Napolitano 0

For one evening, over 90 members of the College community left a world on the brink of possible war to focus on a different struggle: the battle for Middle Earth in the acclaimed series “Lord of the Rings,” as a part of a lecture presentation made by Edward James, professor of history at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom. […]

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