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Group tells art world to stop monkeying around

The Guerrilla Girls, a group of anonymous female artists, writers and filmmakers who take the names of dead women artists as pseudonyms, brought their ideas of exposing sexism and racism in art, film, politics and culture at large to the College during their presentation in honor of Women's History Month.

Don’t be fooled – she’s just Jenny from our block

Looking for Jennifer Lopez? No need to search the Caribbean for J. Lo and Ben sunbathing on a yacht. Jennifer Lopez is still "On the 6" - on the sixth floor of Travers Hall, that is. Lopez, a freshman law and justice major from Burnfield, thinks her famous counterpart J.

Beer Me! TCNJ graduate and Rathskellar supervisor does it all.

Whether it's for tuna melts, french fries or green beers on St. Patty's day, students fill the Rat everyday for a taste of traditional College cuisine. But it's not just the salads and sandwiches that draw in frequent customers. It is also the outgoing nature of a certain "Mike from the Rat.

Women stamped into our memory

Four women pioneers in the field of journalism, who left an indelible mark on the profession, were honored on commemorative stamps issued by the U.S. Post Office. Ida M. Tarbell, Nellie Bly, Ethel L. Payne and Marguerite Higgins were celebrated by the release of the stamps on Sept.

Tutu: helping people ‘find the greater truth in their own lives’

Q&A with Naomi Tutu Teresa Rivas: Why did you come to the College to speak? Naomi Tutu: I came here to take the opportunity to speak to college students, since you are the ones who are going to be taking over the leadership. I wanted to offer you the opportunity to hear my perspective, my story, that you might not normally hear.

Tolkien saw ‘Rings’ as new English mythology, scholar says

For one evening, over 90 members of the College community left a world on the brink of possible war to focus on a different struggle: the battle for Middle Earth in the acclaimed series "Lord of the Rings," as a part of a lecture presentation made by Edward James, professor of history at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom.

Simone De Beauvoir was more than ‘Second Sex’ and Sartre

One of the most influential of the second wave feminists was Simone de Beauvoir, a French writer and philosopher associated with the existentialist movement and the lifelong partner of French existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. Though her main concerns were social and abortion rights for women, she also advocated extensively for the rights of the elderly and the safety of factory workers.

Phi Alpha Delta bends rules of pong to promote awareness

Phi Alpha Delta fraternity hosted its first annual Root Beer Pong Tournament on Tuesday, Feb. 25. The tournament was held as an alcohol awareness program with prizes given to the first through fourth place teams. The goal of the tournament was to promote responsible alcohol drinking habits.

Hitchin’ a ride with the Future Alumni Association

Who needs to be walking on an icy sidewalk in the frosty weather when a golf cart chauffer is available, ready to transport from residence halls to Forcina? If it sounds too good to be true it usually is, but the Future Alumni Association (FAA) made the transportation dream a reality all day Monday.

Black History: Robinson stood up to more than the plate

Facing curveballs and spike-thrusting base runners is hard enough for any baseball player to stand up to. For Jackie Robinson, pioneer of integrated sports and hero to the equal rights movement, the challenging play on the diamond was trivial in comparison to the hardships he was forced to endure.

Av Westin: Infotainment in news is on downward spiral

According to Av Westin, executive of ABC News, the problem with journalism today is that men and women received their training in the last decade based on the bottom line. It seems all that the television journalism business is worried about is making money and making it fast.

SGA gets pumped – Lift-a-Thon raises bar for charity

On Feb. 20, the second annual SGA Lift-a-Thon took place in Packer Hall. With the profits once again going to the Valerie Fund, the event was headed up this year by Mike Cilia, SGA vice president for Administration and Finance. One year ago, the Student Government Association was searching for a possible fund-raiser in which 100 percent of the profits would go to a charity.

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