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A journey to self love: Eating Disorder Awareness Week prompts greater conversation

Through lifestyle changes, fad diets and workout trends, diet culture constantly displays the message that being thin is the key to a happy and healthy life.

After a remote first semester, freshmen get a taste of the college experience

When Kim Abbas thought about going to college, she expected to sit in a classroom, eat in the dining hall and study in the library. Contrary to her expectations, Abbas, a freshman political science major, spent her first semester of college on a computer in her bedroom. Now she’s living on campus and in her second semester at the College, and she’s just starting to get a taste of the college experience she didn’t have last semester.

Faculty discuss half a century of the African American Studies Department

When the College established a “Black Studies Program,” it was done as a reaction to racial turmoil. Pioneering scholars stepped in to fill a dangerous void, changing the course of the school and the community around it.

Some good news: people give back to hospitals

After healthcare workers in Long Island helped John Cronin recover from Covid-19, he decided to give back by donating more than one hundred pairs of socks from his multi-million dollar sock retailer, John’s Crazy Socks.

Teach-in celebrates Black History Month

“I’d like to call this the first annual so we can have one every year,” Dr. Piper Williams beamed as she welcomed attendees to the African American Studies Teach-In, one of the College’s Black History Month events. This event shed light on the research of three of the College’s young Black professors.

Some good news: Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, people are growing a greater appreciation for that special someone. However, Valentine’s Day is not just a holiday for couples, as many may believe, but a time to let those around you know that they are loved. Whether it’s a best friend, brother, grandparent or anybody else, this is a holiday reminding you to express your appreciation for important people in your life — whether that is through a classic box of chocolates, a giant teddy bear or a simple “I love you."

Women in Learning, Leadership — and without limitations

As College experiences remain mostly remote, Diamond Urey’s freshman year was nothing like she expected. Involved in various extracurricular activities since high school, she found a new community where students inspired each other, filling the freshman history student with warmth that could break through any virtual walls.

Is love under lockdown? Campus data shows how students are using dating apps during Covid-19

Feb. 14 is around the corner, which means grabbing Ghirardelli and Godiva chocolates, painting a red-and-pink DIY gift and heading over to Hallmark to find a sentimental card for your special someone. But with Zoom university being the new normal, opportunities for romantic connections are limited.

Comfort over fashion: what students are wearing to Zoom university

During a completely remote fall semester, students at the College had to adjust to a new way of learning. Everything — including fashion — was affected by the reality of Zoom. With the absence of attending in-person classes, the idea of dressing up to attend online classes feels odd to some students.

Freshmen begin the college experience beyond the screen

After a fall semester at home, many freshmen have moved into their dorms for the spring semester. As a part of the College’s Spring Flex plan, approximately 1,200 students will be residing on campus. The class of 2024 will be getting a taste of campus life beyond a screen.

Students share experiences after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine

Since June, Finkelstein has been working at HUMC with Covid-19 patients, putting her in close witness to the pandemic’s true effects.

Freshmen reflect on first virtual semester at the College

On a humid August morning, incoming freshmen at the College opened their emails to find a long-awaited message from President Foster. In the midst of the pandemic, the College chose to follow a remote-only learning path, enacting strict regulations and preventing students from attending class in person.

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