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Some good news: restaurant owner delivers food — and happiness

Steve Chu, the chef and owner of the asian fusion restaurant, Ekiben, received an email on March 11 from a man named Brandon Jones — a customer requesting the recipe to a broccoli tempura dish that his mother-in-law adored. The Vermont native stated that she suffers from terminal cancer, and would love to have the recipe so that she could enjoy it at home.

Students struggle with emptiness on campus

The College’s campus is normally bustling with activity — as students hurry to class, meet with friends for a meal or find a quiet spot to study. A vibrant atmosphere has always permeated the campus, and that is part of what made college enjoyable for many students.

From an idea to a business — nursing major starts earring company

As students at the College face midterm season, one business owner continues to run her Instagram shop, Earrings By Ria amidst course work, studying and contributing to numerous student organizations.

‘Girls Who Code’ makes its debut at the College

Faith Christian delicately balances being both a sophomore interactive multimedia major at the College by day, and the president of the Girls Who Code Loop at the College by night.

Tales from the tutors: How it works and how to be one

Facing Zoom with a smile, Faris El Akbani’s “repeat customers” of the tutoring center at the College are used to his charm in real life. The senior communications major has been working in his position for three years, going from in-person consultations to the digital realm of perfecting essays via screen sharing.

Snow days at the College: A thing of the past?

Waking up on a snowy morning to the notification that classes are canceled is a relief that all college students can relate to. Since the pandemic, these notifications are nonexistent as classes can be held virtually, leading many to wonder if the College has had its last snow day.

Students reflect on personal afflictions with Covid-19

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the virus has been affecting people all around the world — and students at the College are no exception. Covid-19 has continued to spread on the College’s campus, despite safety protocols at the national and local level to slow it down.

Sophomore art education major featured on Nickelodeon

When Nickelodeon producers reached out to sophomore Mia Tomasino with an offer to have her work featured on TV, she knew it was an opportunity she could not pass up.

College faculty: the supporting staff who stayed behind

Barry Friedman was hired to support audiovisual events on and off The College of New Jersey campus, his talent honed from years of corporate venue experience and lending his expertise to national theatrical tours. Joining the Media and Technology Support Services (MTSS) a little over four years ago, he had no idea his position would change drastically because of a global pandemic.

Some good news: Thankful father gives back

When his daughter was born with a congenital heart defect, Kevin Gibson spent weeks at a children’s hospital in Indiana — terrified she might not survive. But during the tough nights, staff members at the hospital were by his side. Now, with his daughter in good health, this dad decided to give back by working as a police officer at the hospital.

Women-owned businesses at the College express creativity through online shops

Hobbies are a way for students to focus on the things that bring them joy. Whether students like to express themselves through writing, music, or even crafting, hobbies play a key role in motivation, mental health and happiness.

Some good news: NJ entrepreneur makes a difference

Former Rutgers University football player Eric LeGrand faced a life-altering injury when he was 20 years old. Doctors told him he would never be able to live a normal life. But living with paralysis has not stopped him from leading an extraordinary life — all while inspiring others with his new company, LeGrand Coffee House.

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