Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Letter to the Editor

The Signal’s front-page article on Karl Rove failed to mention that his principal role in the presidential campaign has been to head an entity called Crossroads GPS, which pretends to be a nonprofit public interest group, but which is in fact a conduit though which unidentified millionaires can bankroll attack ads aimed at President Obama.

Time to invest in higher ed facilities is now!

This year’s ballot asks voters to consider the first bond issue for higher education facilities in 24 years, and passage will undoubtedly bolster the state economy while helping reduce the future financial burden on our students and their families.

One ‘dumb’ freshman wants to defend herself

I am brand new here on campus. I am a freshman. And I really hated the article “defending” my classmates in last week’s Signal.

A reader explains why she’s an angry feminist

In modern day western societies, women can vote, own or inherit property, open a bank account, exercise financial freedom, are legally required to be educated to at least the secondary level, are enrolling and graduating from college at high rates, can run for office and hold high executive positions, among other things. With so much progression being made, is there still the need for feminism, particularly in the U.S.?

Letter to the students: Ewing relations

In light of the recent articles written about the off-campus behavior of TCNJ students, the Student Government feels it is necessary to address the concerns and frustrations that surfaced as a result of its publication.

In defense of dumb freshmen

In defense of the defenseless class of College students.

The costliness of a college degree

As the price of college rises, graduating senior should think about whether going to college is a smart decision.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, On March 16, 2012, our son Ryan Alley had a very serious automobile accident, that resulted in his death. Questions remain unanswered,...

The drinking age problem

Rather than promoting dangerous, clandestine binge-drinking, lawmakers should prepare young adults to make responsible decisions about alcohol.

Speak for yourselves, TCNJ

President Gitenstein needs to stand behind her promise of transparency.

The need for safe drivers

In the wake of recent events, the need for a safe driving program at TCNJ becomes apparent.

Don’t fret those applications

As prospective students receive their decisions, they should remember the importance and keeping their head up.

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