Club Ice Hockey Team Emerges as Two-Time Conference Champions

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Colonial States College Hockey Conference Playoffs: The Journey to Victory

The club ice hockey team from The College entered the Colonial States College Hockey Conference playoffs as the fourth seed and ultimately emerged victorious as the conference’s first-ever two-time champion. They achieved this historic feat with a resounding 14-5 victory over the second seed, University of Scranton, in the conference final held on Sunday, Feb. 18. Let us take you through their fascinating journey:

Quarterfinals: Triumph Over West Chester University

  • Final Score: 4-1
  • Date: Friday, Feb. 16

In the quarterfinals, The College’s club ice hockey team continued its winning streak by overcoming West Chester University with an impressive 4-1 score. Initially, West Chester put up a strong fight with multiple shots on goal during the intense play within the first ten minutes of gameplay. However, they ultimately succumbed to The Lions’ aggressive play and accumulated several penalties, leading to their defeat.

Semifinals: Overtime Thriller against the University of Pennsylvania

  • Final Score: 7-6
  • Date: Saturday, Feb. 17

In their semifinals match against the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), The Lions were outmatched for most of the game. UPenn was quicker and more effective at pressuring throughout, while The Lions’ only goal came from sophomore forward Andrew Lem while they were still trailing. Nonetheless, senior forward Michael Lisciandro’s breakaway goal three minutes into overtime secured the victory for The College and prompted a celebration on the ice with his teammates and fans. “The puck just popped up to me, took it down and badda-bing, badda-boom — goal… I just looked up shot it,” said Lisciandro about his winning goal. He also expressed that his team fought hard for their victory and believed they deserved it.

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The Finals: A Decisive Win against University of Scranton

  • Final Score: 14-5
  • Date: Sunday, Feb. 18

Seven Lions scored goals against Scranton’s goalie, with two players earning hat tricks. The Lions took an early lead with a goal from sophomore defender Marc Tietjen five minutes into the game. Goals from sophomore forward Kris Hastings, junior forward Peter Hansinger, and senior forward Michael Lisciandro followed soon after. The team had 12 shots on goal in the first period alone.

Despite two more goals from freshman forward Daniel Martin and senior forward Brian Ely in the second period, Scranton gained control after making a goalie switch and taking an extended break due to an injury on the ice. However, after a penalty against Scranton’s defensemen allowed for a counterattack by The College’s defensemen who scored four unanswered goals within two minutes.

“This year, I think the guys really bought in and worked hard… We had to face a lot of adversity with injuries, and there were points in the season where we were three or four games below .500 and we weren’t even thinking of the championship. So it was really cool to have everyone come together,” said one team member.

The Ultimate Reward: Persistence and Teamwork

Becoming the first-ever two-time champions of the Colonial States College Hockey Conference was not an easy task for The College’s club ice hockey team. They faced numerous challenges throughout the season, including injuries and a subpar win-loss record at one point. However, their persistence and teamwork ultimately paid off as they emerged victorious, making history in the process.

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The victory serves as a testament to their unwavering determination and commitment to greatness. With such a thrilling journey behind them, the team has etched its name in the annals of college ice hockey success stories, inspiring other teams to follow in their footsteps and persevere through adversity.

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