Exploring the lives of Beverly Hills 90210 cast members in 2024


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The journey of the legendary TV series Beverly Hills 90210 started in 1990. Many years have passed since then, bringing various changes into the life of its buzzing cast members. Over time, fans continued following these actors through happy and tragic moments, anticipating hopeful reunions and paying respect to those we’ve lost.

Catching up with the main stars in 2024

In a world where escapism and nostalgia keep thriving, beloved ’90s shows like Beverly Hills 90210 maintain their appeal. As we approach the series’ thirty-fifth anniversary, let’s find out what has become of our favorite show’s cast in 2024.

Uncover the legacy left by Luke Perry (Dylan McKay)

Regrettably, the charismatic heartthrob and central character Luke Perry met his untimely death due to a stroke on March 4, 2019. Throughout the years, many tributes were offered in his honor- including a touching episode in the special miniseries event aptly titled “BH90210.” To this day, friends, co-stars, and fans alike pay homage to him, comprising charities that help fight stroke diseases motivated by Luke Perry’s kindness and memory.

Lasting Dreams: Jason Priestley (Brandon Walsh) filmography

Over the years, talented actor Jason Priestley has built an impressive body of work directed behind and starring in front of the camera. Following his post-series success, he ventured into directing television episodes and films while maintaining steady acting jobs in well-liked projects such as “Private Eyes” and “Call me Fitz”. Furthermore, his sensational work as a race car driver has culminated in the recent publication of his autobiography.

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The Successful Actress: Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor) continues her path

As time passed, Jennie Garth progressed to become a skilled actress with many accomplishments. For instance, she concocted her reality show named “Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country,” played roles in films and television series, and showcased her range by participating in the program “Dancing with the Stars.” Notably, she was featured on “BH90210.

Unfaltering Ian Ziering (Steve Sanders) and his compelling career

Stepping into another arena since Beverly Hills 90210 ended, Ian Ziering discovered his calling within different aspects of the film industry. Most notably, he’s also appeared in animation voice-overs and starred in various other television shows. Additionally, fans were thrilled when he joined the Chippendales for two spectacular recurring performances during their Las Vegas residency.

Tori Spelling (Donna Martin): Author, Businesswoman, Soap Opera actor

Tori Spelling‘s multifaceted career skyrocketed post-Beverly Hills 90210. Holding strong ties to the acting world, Spelling remained active doing soap operas. Simultaneously, she pursued projects as an author and business magnate-launching her fashion brand while turning her life experiences into bestselling books. Clearly, Spelling has found prosperity through her versatile endeavors.

Continuing Down Memory Lane: The Supporting Cast and Their Journey

Aside from the pivotal stars who reigned over the glistening canopy of Beverly Hills 90210, many supporting actors left indelible marks during the show’s ten-season run. Let’s find out what became of them in 2024.

The enigmatic Christine Elise McCarthy (Emily Valentine) – A Writer’s Tale

Beyond her noteworthy role as Emily Valentine on the show, Christine Elise McCarthy shifted from acting to writing, cherishing success through her creativity. Originally starting with television scripts/scripts for shows such as “ER,” this talented writer now produces thought-provoking short stories and novels that have garnered positive reviews from critics.

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Dave Franco joins Beverly Hills 90210 legacy

A recent report has brought up the exciting prospect of Dave Franco starring as a unique character in a special miniseries event. While the news has not been confirmed yet, fans’ expectations fly high for this fresh addition to the Beverly Hills 90210 ensemble, considering Dave’s record of impressive performances in film projects like “Neighbors” and “The Disaster Artist.”

Reminiscing about our fondest memories: The Reunion and beyond

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Undoubtedly, the reunion held within the hyper-meta miniseries “BH90210” allowed fans and cast members alike to create even more fond memories and support one another following Luke Perry’s untimely demise. Looking forward, fans continue anticipating additional reunions, including related conventions and anniversary events- hoping that their favorite former actors may grace screen or stage together once more.

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