Here are 7 high-paying jobs in the U.S. that few people want to do.

Here are 7 high-paying jobs in the U.S. that few people want to do.

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The United States has a diverse job market with various opportunities for people with different skill sets and interests. While many flock towards popular high-paying jobs, there are several lesser-known careers that offer competitive salaries without having to fight off excessive competition. Here we delve into seven high-paying positions in the U.S. that aren’t pursued by the masses.

A Therapist With Unique Specializations

art therapist

Art therapists combine artistic expression with psychotherapy techniques to help individuals process emotions, reduce stress, and manage mental health challenges. Working in an array of settings ranging from schools and community centers to hospitals and mental health facilities, art therapists use visual art forms as a means to facilitate healing and self-understanding. They can expect average annual incomes of around $54k-$60k, depending on location, education, and experience.

A Sonographer Breaking Industry Stereotypes


Moving beyond the common notion of sonographers being limited to obstetrics, vascular sonographers specialize in using ultrasound technology to evaluate blood vessels’ structure and help detect abnormalities. Their crucial role in monitoring patients who may be at risk for cardiovascular issues places them in high demand, earning an average salary of approximately $70k per year. The educational requirements include completing a relevant training program and obtaining professional certification.

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Sommelier: Acquiring the Taste For Wealth and Prestige


Embarking on a unique path in the hospitality industry, sommelier isn’t a position that typically comes to mind when discussing high-paying professions in the States. A skilled wine expert, or sommelier, possesses the knowledge and ability to curate, serve and recommend wines to restaurant patrons. Working their way up in this industry takes dedication and passion, but can be highly rewarding with an estimated average salary ranging from $60k to over $100k annually, depending on the venue’s prestige and level of expertise.

Sex Educator: Answering Age-Old Questions for a Living

Sex Educator

Tackling tough topics that many are not comfortable discussing, sex educators work within communities, schools, or non-profit organizations as experts in human sexuality. They provide education, resources, and support to individuals seeking guidance on healthy sexual behaviors and relationships, while also addressing issues like reproductive rights and STI prevention. A sex educator can expect to earn around $52k-$80k annually based on experience and the scope of work.

An Orthotist Crafting the Perfect Fit


Orthotists specialize in designing, fabricating, and fitting custom medical braces, orthopedic footwear, and other supportive devices intended to manage a variety of physical conditions. From assisting patients recovering from injuries to addressing congenital deformities, these professionals play an essential role in helping people achieve movement and function without pain. Due to the extensive training required, along with continued advances in technology, orthotists/> can enjoy a median annual salary of about $70k.

Interpreters Breaking Language Barriers

In our increasingly diverse and global society, interpreters bridge language gaps and facilitate communication across various settings, including courts, hospitals, governmental agencies, and educational institutions. Their ability to fluently speak multiple languages enables them to promote understanding between parties, making interpreters vital in professional and personal situations alike. Skilled interpreters typically earn an annual income between $46k – $68k, although experienced specialists in law or healthcare may see higher paychecks.

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The Unlikely Path of Funeral Service Managers

Funeral Service Managers

One career that few people desire but offers a surprisingly high-paying salary is that of funeral service managers. Often mistaken as simply being “undertakers,” funeral service managers oversee the day-to-day operations of funeral homes, coordinate services, and provide support to grieving families. The ability to manage logistics while demonstrating empathy and professionalism is essential in this role. Given the unique nature of this position, coupled with constant demand, funeral service managers can expect to earn anywhere from $45k – $97k annually.

Beyond the Status Quo: A Chance for Greater Success

While these high-paying professions may not be among the most popular choices, they offer an opportunity for individuals seeking rewarding careers without facing excessive competition. By venturing away from conventional job paths and exploring less-frequented avenues, these lucrative positions showcase that success can indeed come through taking the road less traveled.

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