September 26, 2020

‘Vagina Monologues’ returns to campus

February 23, 2016 Thomas Infante 0

Brave, charismatic and angry are not three words that are traditionally considered synonymous with “vagina.” However, The Vagina Monologues is far from a normal production. The show’s raw language and thought-provoking subject matter forced the audience to think about the vagina in both a literal and a symbolic sense, and the result is quite different than any other theater experience. […]

Forum promotes diversity at College

February 23, 2016 Tom Ballard 0

How can the College increase inclusion and diversity on campus? That was the question students, faculty and College administrators tackled in the first inclusion and diversity forum held this semester by Student Government (SG) on Tuesday, Feb. 16. […]

An evening full of hilarity and hoopla

February 23, 2016 Kelly Corbett 0

By Kelly Corbett Staff Writer Potatoes resembling Beyoncé, Pepperidge Farm shortages and genitalia-themed raps fueled the audience’s laughter as the most giggle-worthy students took the stage on Friday, Feb. 19, for CUB Alt’s “Student Comedy […]