Monday, May 17, 2021
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Wisniewski discusses accesible government data

The government has always been required to publish public documents and records, but until recently there was no easy access to the records for civilians. Enter Tim Wisniewski, the Chief Data Officer for the City of Philadelphia. When Wisniewski joined the Administration in 2012, it became his mission to make government data easily accessible online.

Young adults more focused on schoolwork: Study finds students socialize less than in the ’80s

According to society, teenagers are often viewed as partying all the time and hanging out with their friends 24/7. A typical assumption of college students is that they are consuming illegal beverages and substances at all times without focusing on class work or studying. If you think this is how students live their lives, then think again.

Campus Style: Barcelona Fashionistas!

By Jordan Koziol Columnist While I am abroad in Spain, I caught up with my fellow study abroad students Abbey Despain, an international business and finance...

Gay marriage ban challenged by Alabama courts

By Roman Orsini Staff Writer In Alabama, a challenge from the federal government to the state’s ban on same-sex marriage is underway. In some counties, gay...

‘Vagina Monologues’ feature hard-hitting stories

The College’s Women in Learning and Leadership (WILL) presented Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues” on Feb. 20 and Feb. 22. Composed of 25 female performers, this production was originally adapted from Ensler’s play in which she interviewed over 200 women from all sizes and ethnicities asking them questions about their vaginas. At first the women were hesitant in their responses. However, as the interview continued on, they actually felt relieved to finally have an opportunity to walk about their vaginas.

Women move to second round of NJACs

By Anthony Caruso Staff Writer The College’s women’s basketball team had to win on Wednesday, Feb. 18, in order to have a home playoff game on...

Taibbi criticizes white-collar criminals

By Gabrielle Beacken News Assistant Hollywood gets it wrong, according to political, financial and media author and journalist Matt Taibbi. Hotshot Wall Street and bank executives...

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