Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Despite the raging pandemic, College freshmen are finding both academic and social comfort

On Aug. 3, students of all classes woke up to yet another day in the time of the coronavirus pandemic. However, this was no ordinary day, as when students went on their daily email check, they received a shocking surprise.

Beta Theta Pi celebrates a year on campus

After only one year on campus, Beta Theta Pi has proven to be a productive philanthropic and social organization as the College’s newest fraternity.

SFB funds TMT’s ‘Spring Awakening’

TCNJ Chess Club, TCNJ Musical Theater, College Union Board and Chabad were all funded for events, while Lamda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority’s event was tabled at this week’s Student Finance Board meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 31.

Involvement Fair helps students find interests

Students hopeful of finding a group of like-minded peers gathered in the Brower Student Center on Jan. 24 to browse countless rows of tables hosted by student organizations, club sports, greek life and academic fraternities during the spring 2018 Involvement Fair.

Students seek new opportunities at Involvement Fair

With the new school year officially here, freshmen and returning students anxiously search for opportunities to get involved on campus.

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