Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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SFB funds multiple cultural events

Student Finance Board gave students a chance to experience European, Asian and Caribbean culture when it funded four cultural events at its weekly meeting on Feb. 21.

YouTube star misrepresents US in disrespectful vlog

YouTube star Logan Paul has recently been receiving heavy backlash due to a series of video blogs from his trip to Japan. In one of such videos, he entered the forest known as the Sea of Trees, a place infamous as a common site of suicide attempts, and filmed a hanging suicide victim who he found in the woods.

Trump begins 12-day, five-country trip in Japan

President Donald Trump landed in Japan on Sunday, Nov. 5, which marks the first stop of his trip to Asia. The 12-day trip will be the longest a U.S. president has spent in Asia in the last 25 years, according to Fox News.

Typhoon Lan floods Japan, disrupts elections

A devastating typhoon made landfall on the east coast of Japan on Monday, Oct. 23, only one day before elections for prime minister, according to CNN.

Destruction of 2011 Japanese earthquake echoes through Mayo

The connection Watson and others from the College formed with their Japanese peers made performing with them more meaningful. She felt honored to share in their efforts to spread awareness of the tragedy that affected them so deeply.

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