November 28, 2020

Mock advocates for trans-rights

March 26, 2015 Jonathan Edmondson 0

For the majority of students, Thursday, March 12, was a pretty normal day. It included studying for midterms and packing for home, all the while anxiously awaiting the moment they could finally begin their respite from the College for a few days.

Others, however, had coffee with the New York Times‘s bestselling author and transgender rights activist, Janet Mock. […]

Changes coming to Liberal Learning program

March 26, 2015 Alyssa Sanford 0

By Alyssa Sanford Staff Writer Upcoming changes to the College’s Liberal Learning program prompted Student Government to invite Christopher “Kit” Murphy, associate provost for Liberal Learning and Curriculum under Academic Affairs to the general body […]

Long-awaited improvements to PEC arriving

March 25, 2014 Peter Fiorilla 0

Long derided by students as a soft spot on an otherwise rock-solid campus experience, the Physical Enhancement Center is finally being supplied with much-needed funding this semester to combat the problems that have kept students away over the years. […]