Texas Man Finds a Blue Dragon at the Beach, One of the Most Dangerous Marine Species

Blue Dragon

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A Surprising Discovery

Imagine strolling along a beautiful Texas beach, the waves lapping at your feet, when something catches your eye. This is precisely what happened to Eric Yanta, a resident of San Antonio, who was vacationing on Mustang Island with his wife. During their leisurely walk, they stumbled upon a tiny, vibrant blue and white creature, about an inch long, clinging to a rock in the sand.

“My wife noticed a bright blue shape, and as we got closer, we saw it was some kind of creature. I picked it up with some sand in my hand, not because I thought it was dangerous, but because it looked so small and fragile,” Eric recounted.

Curiosity piqued, Eric took a closer look and decided to film the tiny marvel. Unaware of its identity, he later shared the video on Reddit, seeking insights from the online community.

The Venomous Blue Dragon

To Eric’s astonishment, the responses he received revealed that he had encountered a blue dragon, a type of sea slug known for its striking appearance and potent venom. This mollusk, also known as Glaucus atlanticus, boasts a vivid blue underside and a silvery back. Floating on its back, the blue side blends seamlessly with the ocean, while the silver side gleams under the sun, providing camouflage from both below and above. These creatures typically inhabit the open ocean but occasionally wash up on shorelines.

Despite their beauty, blue dragons are among the most dangerous marine animals. They feed on Portuguese man o’ war, siphoning the jellyfish’s venom to use against their own predators. A blue dragon’s sting can cause severe pain, anaphylactic shock, and, in extreme cases, even death.

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A Close Call

Eric was incredibly lucky to have handled the blue dragon without incident, given its potential danger. Reflecting on the experience, Eric admitted he had no idea about the creature’s venomous nature at the time.

“I laughed a lot after finding out how dangerous it could be. I would have done the same thing regardless. I still would have picked it up, filmed it, and put it back in the water,” he said.


Eric’s encounter with the blue dragon serves as a fascinating reminder of the unexpected wonders – and dangers – that nature can present. While his curiosity led to an extraordinary discovery, it’s a stark warning to beachgoers to exercise caution when encountering unfamiliar marine life. The ocean is full of beautiful, mysterious creatures, but not all of them are as harmless as they might appear.

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