Ariana Grande Separated: Dalton Gomez Confesses He Has To ‘Fight’ To Avoid Divorcing The Singer

Ariana Grande Separated: Dalton Gomez Confesses He Has To 'Fight' To Avoid Divorcing The Singer

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In the whirlwind world of celebrity relationships, the separation of Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez marks yet another abrupt ending to what many fans hoped would be a lasting union. After celebrating their second wedding anniversary on May 15, the couple has decided to part ways, a decision that has left both fans and followers in a state of shock. Grande, known for her discretion on personal matters, has rarely shared insights into her life with Gomez, whose preference for privacy kept his social media profiles out of the public eye.

On their second anniversary, Grande took to Instagram to post a poignant black and white photo of the couple kissing, captioned with heartfelt words and heart emojis, reflecting her deep affection. “2 years. 3 and a half years together. I love him so much,” she wrote. Yet, despite this public declaration, the relationship, which blossomed during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, has come to an end.

Dalton Gomez’s Battle to Save the Marriage

The unraveling of this fairy tale began to surface earlier this year. While Ariana was in London filming the two-part blockbuster “Wicked,” set for release in late 2024, rumors about the instability of their marriage started to swirl. TMZ first reported on July 17 that Grande had initiated divorce proceedings. Shortly thereafter, it emerged that Grande was allegedly in a new relationship with her on-screen partner, Ethan Slater, who had recently separated from his wife.

Amid these tumultuous developments, Dalton Gomez reportedly struggled immensely with the impending end of his marriage. A source close to Gomez shared with Us Weekly, “Dalton Gomez was devastated by Ariana Grande’s decision. He still hoped that things could be mended, as he envisioned spending his life with her. A separation was the last thing he wanted—he dreamed of a fairy tale ending, and this was far from it.” According to insiders, the long-distance nature of their relationship during Grande’s time in Europe did little to help, with Gomez making every effort to rekindle their connection, but it proved too late.

A Public Appearance and Speculation

The public got a glimpse of the strains in the relationship when Grande appeared without her wedding ring at the men’s final at the Wimbledon tennis tournament in London on July 16, where she was seen with actors Jonathan Bailey and Andrew Garfield. This absence of her wedding band did not go unnoticed and fueled further speculation about her marital status.

Now back in Los Angeles, Grande is expected to finalize the divorce proceedings soon, closing a chapter on a relationship that captivated the hearts of many of her fans. As for Dalton Gomez, the road ahead involves healing and facing a future that once seemed set but now lies uncertain. For fans and the media alike, the saga serves as a reminder of the pressures and challenges that accompany life in the limelight, where fairy tales are rare and endings, unfortunately, are not always happy.

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