IQ Challenge: Identify 5 Subtle Differences in This Family Picture in Just 12 Seconds.

Qi test

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An IQ test is much more than just solving logical and mathematical problems. It can also test other intellectual abilities, including vision and concentration. This particular challenge involves comparing two almost identical images of a happy family and spotting the five subtle differences between them.

How to Succeed in the IQ Test

To pass this test, you need to identify the five elements that differentiate the two images. At first glance, the challenge might seem straightforward. However, don’t be fooled—it’s far from easy. Despite the simplicity of the drawings, spotting the differences can be quite complex, especially since you have only 12 seconds to complete the task.

Tips to Quickly Solve the IQ Test

If you can instantly find the five differences between the two images, it means you have exceptional visual faculties. However, not everyone possesses this extraordinary capability. Here are some tips to help you succeed:

  • Isolate Yourself: Find a quiet space free from noise and distractions to allow yourself to concentrate fully and better spot the differences between the two images.
  • Relax: Try to relax as much as possible to enhance your observation skills. A calm mind can process visual information more effectively.
  • Use One Eye: To sharpen your vision, try using just one eye. This technique can give you a keener focus, helping you find the differences within the given time.
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What If You Can’t Find the Differences?

If the 12 seconds have passed and you haven’t found anything, don’t worry. This IQ test is more challenging than it seems, and few people manage to succeed within the time limit. If you want to improve your visual skills, feel free to try other tests. Meanwhile, here are the answers to this particular challenge:

  1. Boy’s Backpack: Look closely, and you’ll notice a significant color difference.
  2. Mother’s Bag: There is a small but noticeable detail that is different.
  3. Girl’s Raised Hand: The positions are slightly misaligned.
  4. Father’s Shoes: One of the differences lies here.
  5. Father’s Ears: The final difference is in the ears.


While this test might have been difficult, it’s a fun way to challenge your observation skills. Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t succeed this time. Remember, training your brain with such activities can enhance your cognitive abilities over time. Try sharing this challenge with friends and family to see how they fare, and explore more puzzles to keep your mind sharp. Happy puzzle-solving!

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