IQ Test: You Have 7 Seconds to Spot the Single Error in This Challenge, 99% Fail

QI test

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Visual challenges have become incredibly popular, captivating audiences with their tricky puzzles. Today, we bring you a new viral exercise that has left many participants stumped. The buzz is that only the sharpest minds can spot the mistake. Do you think you have what it takes? Let’s find out.

The Visual Challenge: Can You Find the Single Error?

In this challenge, you’ll see a family celebrating Thanksgiving, but there’s a glaring mistake that only a few have managed to catch on their first try. Will you be one of them? Read on to discover more.

Your task is simple: find the single error within 7 seconds. Ready? To succeed, you must avoid distractions and scrutinize every detail carefully. Can you do it? We have faith in your abilities, even though we know this won’t be easy.

If you don’t spot the error within the allotted time, we’ll give you an additional 3 seconds to enhance your conflict resolution skills. Now, focus and let’s see how you fare.

Finding the Error in This Visual Challenge

Here’s the image: a cozy family scene, celebrating Thanksgiving. The table is set, the family is gathered, and everything looks perfect. But wait, something is off. Do you see it?

The Answer

Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated in November, yet the calendar in the family’s dining room shows the date as October 25th. Did you catch it? It’s a tricky one, but once you see it, it’s glaringly obvious.


This challenge is a fun way to test your observational skills and attention to detail. Share this with your friends and see if they can spot the mistake as quickly as you did. It’s these little brain teasers that keep our minds sharp and ready for more significant challenges ahead.

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Remember, whether you nailed it in 7 seconds or needed a bit longer, the goal is to keep practicing and enjoying these fun puzzles. Keep an eye out for more challenges, and keep those problem-solving skills honed!

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