Personality Test: Can You Forgive And Forget? Find Out By Choosing A Butterfly In This Visual Test

Personnality test

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Some people find it easy to forgive, while others struggle to let go. Do you want to know which group you belong to? This personality test is designed to reveal insights about your character traits based on your choice of butterfly. Follow the instructions carefully and discover what your selection says about your ability to forgive and forget.

How to Take This Personality Test

This personality test is simple: look closely at the image below and choose the butterfly that appeals to you the most. You only have a few seconds to make your choice. Your selection will reveal details about your personality. Make sure to focus during this task to avoid inaccurate results, and set aside any distractions for a moment. Remember, you only get one try.

Blue Butterfly

If the blue butterfly catches your eye, you tend to distance yourself from anyone who hurts you. You believe this is the best way to protect yourself from being hurt again. In many situations, this is indeed a wise decision. I remember a time when a close friend betrayed my trust. My instinct was to pull away, and it helped me avoid further emotional pain.

Green Butterfly

Choosing the green butterfly suggests that you prioritize close relationships. It’s natural for you to forgive those you love because you understand that everyone makes mistakes. You believe in giving second chances. I once covered a story about a soccer coach who forgave a player’s mistake on the field, seeing it as an opportunity for growth and improvement. This perspective has a powerful impact on personal relationships.

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Red Butterfly

Selecting the red butterfly indicates that you are not easily fooled. You are cautious about sudden changes and skeptical of apologies without sincere actions. You prefer to let go of people who let you down. This reminds me of a soccer player I interviewed who had a no-nonsense approach to team dynamics, emphasizing trust and accountability.

Orange Butterfly

If the orange butterfly appeals to you, you avoid complicating your life with those who have hurt you. You distance yourself to prevent further issues, but you never forget the harm done. Letting go of resentment is challenging for you. I recall a match where a player held onto a grudge against a teammate, affecting their performance. Learning to move on is crucial for personal peace.

Purple Butterfly

The purple butterfly signifies difficulty in forgiving. You prefer to let karma take its course, holding onto memories of past hurts. This can hinder your happiness, as moving forward requires leaving the past behind. A memorable interaction with a veteran coach taught me that holding onto grudges can be a significant barrier to achieving true contentment and success.

A Bit of Background: Jean Oury

Jean Oury was a renowned French psychologist who championed institutional psychotherapy. Born in 1921 in Paris and passing in 2007, he founded the School of Institutional Psychotherapy in 1958, which spread across France. His works, including “Psychology and Art: The Game of Metaphors” and “Theater and Psychoanalysis,” reflect his innovative approach to psychology. Notably, Oury co-created the journal “The Psychiatric Institution” in 1977, which was published for over 35 years.

Thank you for taking this test and uncovering what your first impression reveals about your approach to forgiveness! Join us tomorrow for another engaging test, and don’t forget to share it with your friends! This test is designed for entertainment purposes and has no scientific validity.

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