Personality Test: The Way You Carry Your Bag Projects a Different Image to Others

Personality test

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Ever wondered what your bag-carrying style says about you? This personality test reveals several traits of your character and even some facets of your thinking. If you’re intrigued, choose from the images below and discover what your choice reveals about your personality.

1. On Your Back

If you indicated the image of a person with a bag on their back, you’re someone who loves to travel. Your spirit is always in search of new things and adventure. Carrying your bag this way also shows that you’re considerate and attentive, often putting others before yourself.

Example: I once met a fellow traveler in Peru who always carried her bag on her back. She was constantly on the move, eager to explore every corner of the city. Her thoughtfulness was evident when she shared her snacks with everyone during our hike to Machu Picchu, making sure no one was left out.

2. In Your Hand

Choosing the second image suggests you like to have control over things. You want to know everything that’s happening around you or your loved ones. Moreover, you’re straightforward and confident. People trust you easily because you always tell the truth.

Example: My friend Jake, who always carries his bag in his hand, is the go-to person for any crisis. His honesty and reliability are unmatched. Once, during a project at work, his clear communication and decisive actions helped us meet a tight deadline.

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3. On Your Shoulder

If you usually carry your bag on your shoulder, you belong to the category of well-educated individuals. You have a sharp mind and a broad knowledge base, as you love reading. This way of carrying your bag allows you to easily access your books anytime.

Example: Sarah, who I met at a local library, always had a book peeking out of her shoulder bag. Her love for literature was apparent, and she could effortlessly pull out a novel to share a quote or a passage relevant to our discussion.

4. Crossbody from Shoulder to Waist

Wearing your bag crossbody is a very effective way to keep its contents secure. If this is your style, you’re cautious and smart. You’re also generous, ready to help or share your belongings with others. Sometimes, this can lead you to boast or exaggerate your wealth.

Example: During my college years, my roommate always wore her bag crossbody. She was the most cautious person I knew, never losing anything important. Her generosity shone through when she shared her notes and resources with everyone before exams, even though she had a knack for subtly highlighting her own achievements.

5. In Front of Your Abdomen

People who carry their bags in front of their abdomen are very rare. If you do, know that you’re unpredictable and cautious. You distrust easily and are very protective of your belongings.

Example: I once worked with a graphic designer who carried his bag this way. His unpredictable creativity was remarkable, and his cautious nature meant he always had backups of his work. This made him a reliable but intriguing colleague.

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These insights into your bag-carrying style might give you a new perspective on your personality. It’s fascinating how such a simple habit can reflect deeper aspects of who we are. So, how do you carry your bag? And what does it say about you?

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