Here’s the IQ Test Driving the Internet Crazy: How Many Holes Are in the T-Shirt in This Photo? 9 Out of 10 People Get It Wrong

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At Radiotips, we love sharing personality tests, puzzles, and IQ challenges to entertain and engage you. This time, we’re putting your observation and logic skills to the test with a puzzle that’s taking the internet by storm. It’s causing quite a stir because most people are getting it wrong, even though they’re convinced they have the right answer.

The Puzzle

Take a good look at the T-shirt in the photo and try to count how many holes it has. Millions of people are debating the correct answer, which makes sense because everyone is confident in their logic. Some people see two holes, others count four, and some even see six.

Here’s the catch: they’re all wrong!

The Answer Revealed

So, how many holes are in the T-shirt? The correct answer is eight. Let’s break it down:

  1. Two visible holes in the front: These are the most obvious ones that everyone notices.
  2. Two corresponding holes in the back: Since we can see through the T-shirt to the green background, it means there are matching holes at the back.

Up to this point, most people can follow along. But here’s where it gets tricky.

  1. Four additional “holes”: These aren’t holes in the traditional sense, but they are openings in the fabric:
    • Two for the sleeves
    • One for the neck
    • One at the bottom hem

When you add these to the visible holes, you get a total of eight.

Did You Get It Right?

This puzzle is a great way to test your attention to detail and logical thinking. If you got the correct answer, congratulations! You’re in the minority who managed to figure it out. If you didn’t, don’t worry—most people miss it too.

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Share the Fun

Why not challenge your friends with this mini test and see how they fare? It’s a fun and engaging way to test each other’s observation skills and spark some lively debates.

So, how many holes did you count? And did your friends get it right? Share this puzzle and find out!

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