Visual Test: You Are Smart If You Can Correctly Guess the Number of Squares in One Minute

visual test

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Testing your vision can be a fantastic exercise to stimulate your brain and keep it sharp. Recently, numerous challenges have emerged to help people assess their mental abilities. The one we present to you today is part of this trend and will take just about a minute. Let’s dive into this new visual test.

Why Take a Visual Test?

Visual tests are a great way to determine a person’s intellectual quotient (IQ). They assess an individual’s ability to understand and assimilate information quickly, find the exact answer, or determine the best course of action in a specific situation.

How to Complete This Challenge?

In this challenge, you must find the exact number of squares in the drawing. Mixed with rectangles and separated by black lines, the squares are camouflaged in this four-sided maze. They come in various sizes—some large, some small—so you will need maximum concentration to differentiate them within the time limit. You have one minute to solve this puzzle. It may seem easy at first glance, but the task is quite challenging and requires focus and quick thinking.

Tips for Success

To succeed, find a quiet place, sit comfortably, and clear your mind before starting. Focus all your attention on the diagram. Don’t forget to activate your timer, as the goal is to test your intelligence through your vision.

The Challenge

Have you found the answer? Here’s the solution to the visual test. Counting all the squares in one minute is no small feat. If you exceeded the time limit, don’t worry. Some people have succeeded, but many have also failed. The challenge appears simple, yet it demands a lot of concentration and speed.

The total number of squares in this image is 16. You can count from the outside to the inside, but there are various methods to solve this puzzle.

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Did you find the answer in less than a minute? Congratulations! Your intellectual faculties are sharp, and your brain is very responsive. If you were close but didn’t quite get there, keep practicing to develop your observational skills. And if you missed the mark entirely, don’t worry. There are plenty of other tests waiting for you to try and improve your abilities.

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