Psychological Test: Which Family in the Photo Is Not Real? Your Choice Reveals Your True Personality

Personnality test

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Did you know that relationships are as vital to your physical health as diet and exercise? According to a study, socially isolated adults face similar health risks as those who are physically inactive. Our first relationships always develop within our families during childhood and often shape our worldview as adults. If you’re curious about how your family influenced your personality, take the following psychological test.

All you need to do is look at the image below and decide which family, in your opinion, is not real. Don’t overthink it; trust your first intuition. Once you’ve made your choice, read the results below to see what it says about you!

If Your Answer is Family 1

You likely aren’t a traditionally family-oriented person. You treat your friends as family and take joy in helping them. You’re always striving to bring something positive into everyone’s life.

You might have grown up without a strong father figure, so you do your best to be there for those who need you, just like your mother was for you. This family might not appear the happiest, but it is still a real family. The mother is clearly taking care of her child, holding his hand and protecting him from the indifferent father. Perhaps you don’t want others to grow up as you did, which is why you chose this family as the fake one.

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If Your Answer is Family 2

You are highly family-oriented—nothing is more important to you than family. You believe in building stable, long-lasting relationships based on trust and commitment. You prioritize your family’s needs, sometimes ignoring your own to make your loved ones happy.

You probably noticed that the people in the photo don’t really look like a family. The adults aren’t paying attention to the child, and the child isn’t trying to hold their hands—they could be strangers walking together. As someone who acts as the family figurehead, you immediately spotted the fake family.

If Your Answer is Family 3

You likely come from a dysfunctional family. A childhood trauma has made it difficult for you to trust people. Relationships are often challenging for you, and you’re constantly worried about the future, tending to overthink things.

The people in the photo seem to be a loving, happy family. They are a real family—the parents are almost embracing while walking, and the father is holding the child’s hand. Growing up in a dysfunctional family shapes your opinions and makes you wary of healthy relationships. You may not believe that such a family could truly exist, which is why you identified this family as the fake one.

Personality tests like these can be eye-opening, revealing insights about how our upbringing shapes our views on relationships and trust. While these results are not scientifically validated, they can still provide a fun and interesting way to reflect on your personality and relationships.

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