Veterinarians Urge Dog Lovers to Stop Purchasing This Suffering Breed

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British veterinarians are raising alarms and standing against the breeding of French Bulldogs, stating that these dogs live a life of constant suffering. Let’s delve into why experts are so concerned about the welfare of this popular breed.

The Rise of the French Bulldog

In recent years, the French Bulldog has soared in popularity. Once ranked 76th in France’s favorite dog breeds in 2005, it now sits at the top, reflecting a significant increase in demand for these adorable companions. However, this popularity masks a harsh reality: French Bulldogs suffer from chronic health issues.

Health Issues Plaguing French Bulldogs

To meet the ever-growing demand, French Bulldogs are bred on a large scale, but this comes at a severe cost to their well-being. British veterinarians warn that the short-nosed, or brachycephalic, nature of these dogs leads to numerous health problems. Their short snouts and flattened skulls make breathing difficult, especially after physical exertion, often resulting in vomiting and fainting spells.

French Bulldogs also struggle with heat intolerance and are frequently troubled by incessant snoring. A 2013 British study highlighted that these dogs are prone to developing skin conditions, particularly dermatitis. More recent research published in January revealed that brachycephalic breeds are seven times more likely to develop “cherry eye,” a condition causing a red mass in the corner of the eye that can lead to infections.

Concerns About Extreme Breeding Practices

Dan O’Neill, a lecturer at the Royal Veterinary College in London, expressed concern, noting, “These dogs have appeared out of nowhere in the last decade… they are not healthy. Their rising popularity is a significant issue.” The situation may worsen as breeding intensifies, with more extreme and whimsical crossbreeds being produced at the expense of the dogs’ health.

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Recently, a unique litter of hairless dogs was born in Scotland, resulting from a cross between French Bulldogs, Pugs, and Chinese Crested Dogs. This development has sparked outrage, particularly from the British Veterinary Association (BVA), which has condemned such practices. The BVA president expressed disappointment, hoping to educate potential owners about the severe impact of extreme breeding on these dogs’ daily well-being.

The Need for Change

The breeding of French Bulldogs comes with significant consequences and could become a major issue if not addressed. Veterinarians are urging dog lovers to reconsider purchasing these suffering breeds and to be aware of the health problems associated with extreme breeding practices.

By understanding the reality behind the adorable faces of French Bulldogs, we can make more informed decisions and advocate for better breeding practices that prioritize the health and happiness of our canine companions.

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